16-Year-Old In Nude Magazine-Cover Controversy


Ella Rose Corby is an Australian fashion model whose career has just kicked off at the age of 16. She won a fierce competition to be represented by Chic Management, a successful modeling agency, and to appear on the cover of Stab Magazine. What they didn't tell Corby (or her parents) is that they would be having her pose naked... twice.

The ensuing flap has seen Corby ostracized, catcalled, and attacked at her high school. Not to mention Australian activists are using her as the figurehead in an ongoing debate about "how young is too young":

Local MP Justine Elliot, a mother herself, said: 'I think photographs like  these are inappropriate, particularly when the young woman is only 16.'

Stab writer Michael Jennings says in his article about Ella how a girl that age represents a danger to the adult male: 'They are moving into womanhood and they know it.

'They dress older, sneak into clubs and are easily mistaken for adults... You can leer at the 16-year-old as you would an adult woman, so long as you're ignorant. [Telegraph]

Uh, yeah, thanks a lot, Jennings, you've made the most nauseating case possible for why we can't condone this nude shoot. While there's nothing wrong with a naked body, thinking about leering at a 16-year-old girl, even by accident, is not appealing to anyone here...


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Nov 30 09 - 3:50pm

I'm not totally sure I agree. 16-year olds have very real, very active sexualities, and I bet that if I'd been that hot when I was 16, I would have loved to have my picture taken naked, and maybe wouldn't have minded boning one of the photographers at the after-party. I'm not trying to say I think there should be no restrictions, but 18 is pretty arbitrary, and a naked photo-shoot is hardly the most degrading or dangerous thing that could happen to a girl. Am I a crazy rapist?

Nov 30 09 - 5:31pm

Plus, Stab plagiarized the idea for the cover from the Esquire one of Bar Rafaeli. http://www.esquire.com/women/women-we-love/bar-refaeli-naked-0709

Nov 30 09 - 5:44pm

How old was Brook Shields when she posed - wasn't she like 14? And what about Britney Spears? I don't know what's worse: having young girls do this, or our puritanical reactions once they do...

Nov 30 09 - 7:58pm

Oh, get off your high horse. Does this person's body look any different than that of a 20 year old's? If you were at a nude beach and saw a gorgeous babe, would you even be able to discern whether she was 16 or 18? Get real, and be more honest, please.

Nov 30 09 - 9:36pm

the thing that gets me is the double-standard. think of all the gratuitous female nudity there is and then look at the reaction this werewolf kid in twilight is getting about how gratuitous his shirtlessness is in the movie. and all he did was take off his freakin shirt.

Nov 30 09 - 10:24pm

I find it funny that not even a couple weeks ago, there were pictures of Taylor Lautner with no shirt on and the boy is only 17-yet no one said boo but when a girl does it, it's "for shame" attitude. Like really?! Can anyone say double standard?

Dec 01 09 - 4:15am

"thinking about leering at a 16-year-old girl, even by accident, is not appealing to anyone here…"

Speak for yourself, Brian. That is one hot 16 year old! There are plenty of issues of emotional maturity that would make it highly morally objectionable to engage in sexual behavior with a girl that young. But c'mon, she is hot. And it's not like teens that age aren't having sex. One would hope they're having awkward, age-appropriate sex with their peers.

Dec 01 09 - 4:41am

"thinking about leering at a 16-year-old girl, even by accident, is not appealing to anyone here…"

Whats the appropriate age to be leered at? Some government standard? Don't be ludicrous.

Dec 01 09 - 11:20am

"how a girl that age represents a danger to the adult male: ‘They are moving into womanhood and they know it.'" --- what kind of bullshit is that? A DANGER to the adult male? She's 16, for christ's sake. I'm so sick of female sexuality being something that a woman should not only be ashamed of, but something that is ~dangerous~ to the world. Teenagers' sexuality is only "dangerous" because adults often make it so, not because of some inherent quality. This sort of crap only serves to fetishize it more.

Dec 01 09 - 2:49pm

For such a left-leaning website, Nerve sure is puritanical about early sexuality. What the fuck.
And @kat, I think you misunderstood. A sexually active girl at 16 IS physically dangerous to men. If she lies about her age and sleeps with a man over 18, he goes to jail for a couple years and gets put on a sex offender registry. We're not asking anyone to hide their sexuality - far from it. We're saying that people should be able to make their own sexual choices when they're ready, and fuck any arbitrarily governmental standard. You're absolutely right that it fetishizes young sexuality, and it's a fundamental problem with statutory laws in the western world.