16-Year-Old In Nude Magazine-Cover Controversy

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Ella Rose Corby is an Australian fashion model whose career has just kicked off at the age of 16. She won a fierce competition to be represented by Chic Management, a successful modeling agency, and to appear on the cover of Stab Magazine. What they didn’t tell Corby (or her parents) is that they would be having her pose naked… twice.

The ensuing flap has seen Corby ostracized, catcalled, and attacked at her high school. Not to mention Australian activists are using her as the figurehead in an ongoing debate about “how young is too young”:

Local MP Justine Elliot, a mother herself, said: ‘I think photographs like  these are inappropriate, particularly when the young woman is only 16.’

Stab writer Michael Jennings says in his article about Ella how a girl that age represents a danger to the adult male: ‘They are moving into womanhood and they know it.

‘They dress older, sneak into clubs and are easily mistaken for adults… You can leer at the 16-year-old as you would an adult woman, so long as you’re ignorant. [Telegraph]

Uh, yeah, thanks a lot, Jennings, you’ve made the most nauseating case possible for why we can’t condone this nude shoot. While there’s nothing wrong with a naked body, thinking about leering at a 16-year-old girl, even by accident, is not appealing to anyone here…