While You Were Sleeping: One Giant Nipple

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That latest Broadway sensation is a period piece called In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play. It’s about rich women who don’t know what an orgasm is… and the doctors who show them the way… or something. (Really, we didn’t want to read too much and have the plot ruined for us. We’re just going to see it and report back here forthwith.)

Here’s how to shut down the anti-gays: stand next to them saying their corduroy skirt is a sin, too.

More news from the Department of the Obvious: one in four teenage girls has an STD.

This TV ad for — of all things– the French newspaper Le Monde features one delectable nipple.

How did we feel about Up, the most recent Pixar movie? For those of you that couldn’t get enough of the old man and that annoying little Boy Scout, here’s a sequence that wasn’t included in the film… and probably wasn’t even written until after its release.

This divorce lawyer’s inventive marketing campaign is kind of depressing… and charming at the same time.

If you see Hugh Laurie walking around town with a black eye, don’t worry, it was just a boxing accident.

One American author claims some of our country’s right-wing Fundamentalist Christians are behind a recent Uganda bill to have all HIV-positive gay men put to death.

And it looks like Area 51, the followup to Paranormal Activity, will be out next year. Sure, it’s not a sequel, but you have that to look forward to, as well…