Lunchtime Link Love: Emma Watson Is Our Crush Of The Month


Producers are rushing the Michael Jackson documentary to DVD in January to capitalize on all the hype.

Donald Glover, the 26-year-old star of Community and a sometime writer for 30 Rock, is the new coolest kid on the comedy scene.

Bruce Springsteen responds to that eternal question about maybe being too old to rock and roll: "We're playing to an audience now that will outlive us. There will be a seed of an audience out there tonight that's just going to outlive the band. But at the same time, the band is very, very powerful right now."

Joanna Krupa, who recently posed for Playboy again, is the star of the latest PETA campaign about adoption vs. puppy mills.

Another twist in the non-scandal surrounding Tiger Woods: the so-called "other woman" lost her fiancee in the World Trade Center disaster and was on the cover of the New York Post the next day, crying. Time to leave her alone...

If you look closely, you can see a nipple belonging to our current crush object, Emma Watson, by clicking here.

You can download Lady Gaga's version of Christmas Tree for free today from Amazon.

And did we mention Jake and Reese split up? Oh well... we were kind of bored by that coupling anyway...

Commentarium (10 Comments)

Dec 01 09 - 1:56pm

Wait, because her fiancee was murdered gives her license to go after another woman's husband? Eight years later? I can understand -- not condone, but understand -- acting out like that in the immediate wake of a tragedy, but at some point you have to start behaving respectably again.

Dec 01 09 - 2:20pm
Chuck Eufarley

No no, profrobert, losing her fiance eight years ago excuses her from everything, ever. In Brian Fairbanks' mind, at least. I mean, I'm sure she was the only person crying on the cover of a news magazine the next day, so clearly she's out of reach.

Please. She retained celebrity counsel before anybody knew her name. Don't be surprised if she milks this for big bucks - either with a trip round the daytime couch circuit or with hush money.

Dec 01 09 - 2:28pm
Brian Fairbanks

Uh, you're both wrong. I was just saying that maybe we should leave her alone. And not just because of the 9/11 thing... the Tiger Woods story is a non-story, really, even if he was cheating on his wife.

Dec 01 09 - 3:08pm

I'm not sure Woods is a non-story, Brian. It is possible that false statements have been made to the police about the circumstances of the accident. It is possible that Woods is a victim of domestic violence. Woods is one of the most highly paid professional athletes, with endorsement contracts worth millions. If those possibilities I mentioned turn out to be true, there's a story here. If it isn't a story, then no celebrity could ever properly be the subject of a such a story.

Dec 01 09 - 4:06pm

Wait, is it legal to post pics of Emma Watson's nipples? How the hell old is she now?

Dec 01 09 - 5:03pm
Chuck Eufarley

If it's a nonstory, don't write about it. And if you do decide to write, hire an editor.

Dec 01 09 - 7:09pm

@Chuck: She's 19. It's legal, but still kinda creepy.

Dec 02 09 - 2:36am

yes, yes adopt dogs, don't buy, puppy mills are evil - but why is she topless??? Oh yeah, its Joanna Krupa... carry on

Dec 02 09 - 4:16pm

"rushing"? Bringing the DVD out in January hardly counts as "rushing". Rushing would be having it in the stores in December so (for example) I could buy it for my two daughters for Christmas. Idiots.

Dec 02 09 - 4:43pm
Brian Fairbanks

A #1 movie from just over a month ago is coming out next month on DVD. That's definitely rushing-- and that's probably the quickest they can get it on DVD from a production standpoint anyway.