Rihanna Takes Her Shirt Off For GQ, Fun

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Rihanna sure has been getting naked a lot lately. Let's see, there were myriad public appearances earlier in the year in which the singer wore seethrough tops. Then she had herself a round of nipple slips. And then there were those leaked and glorious nude photos.

Now, we have her comeback/rebound interview with the US edition of the January GQ, in which she discusses Chris Brown, getting naked, and probably music or something else relevant to her career:

"At one point [the record label chairman] came into the shoot, and he was like, 'Rihanna, put some fucking clothes on!'" [Jezebel]

In the interview, she was asked who helped her get through the trauma of the incident. "Nobody," she answered. "Really, just the music. And working. 'Cause I really didn't want to be around anybody, for them to stare at me and stuff, and feel sorry for me. So I just stayed in the house a lot. Then I started to get cabin fever. I was like, I'm going crazy in here."

As an example of the vicious rumors she's faced, the interviewer brought up the one that Brown hurt her because she had herpes. "And it's not true," Rihanna said. "It's a f—ing scar. On my lip. That's there every day of my life." [MTV News]


…and one without all that invasive text: