James Franco Hosts SNL Totally High, Or Something

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James Franco is a really funny guy. There is ample evidence of this, and the fact that he’s egregiously attractive (and really smart) in a field where being handsome can hinder to your comedic ability, Franco has always remained an outlier, probably because he knows exactly how ridiculous the public’s obsession with his looks are. In short, he’s not afraid to play the dumb mimbo in order to get a laugh. But was there something, can we just ask, a little bit off about his performance on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live?

Let’s compare and contrast: this is one of Franco’s sketches from when he hosted the show last season-

And then there was this weekend –

Does Franco seem a little, I don’t know, high or something? Definitely not all there, but maybe he was just half-assing it. After all, between school and General Hospital, the man’s got a busy schedule. Watch the whole show here.

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