A girl named Katie found a twelve-pack of beer in her teenage brother's room and ratted him out to their parents. This is not news in any way, but what young Chris, the brother, did in retaliation after being grounded for three months is funny as hell... and so, so wrong...

Not only did he rummage through Katie's things and find her "hookup list" (aka "blow-jobs-to-hand-out list"), but he published it on his Facebook page...

...and tagged all of the intended recipients.


Then he engaged in a comment war with his sister while the subjects of this list weighed in:



The awful thread continues here.


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Commentarium (820 Comments)

Dec 23 09 - 1:41pm
Brian Fairbanks

By the way, the "December Winner" thing was added by another website and is not on her original note.

Dec 23 09 - 3:10pm

Go Brett!

Feb 11 11 - 4:37am

word lol Go Brett!

Dec 23 09 - 3:36pm

Go Russell!

Nov 05 11 - 4:36pm
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Dec 23 09 - 3:59pm

Number 1: This is messed up. The brother shouldn't have been hiding beer. The sister shouldn't have left a list (or have a list in the first place). Both actions were poor decisions and they both probably need counseling.

Number 2: How old are these kids?

Dec 23 09 - 4:14pm

This is special.

Dec 23 09 - 4:38pm

Perhaps the only thing more repellent than the brother's decision to publish the list is Nerve's decision to re-publish it.

At least the brother had a vendetta to pursue. Nerve, on the other hand, only wishes to profit monetarily by exploiting the dysfunction and misery of others.

Today was my first visit back on this site, one I used to like and come to regularly, in a couple of years. this tiresome, exploitative crud is what I found my, how editorial standards have slipped. I shan't be returning.

Oct 15 11 - 3:45pm

Pretentious fuck! If you have nothing to add to the discussion, stop bitching!

Dec 23 09 - 4:45pm

High horse: get off it.

We don't know these people, so that makes it funny. Quit being so pretentious and learn to laugh at the idiocy of the wonderful people in this world.

Dec 23 09 - 4:48pm

oh DB, relax... this thing is a mini-internet-meme right now and Nerve is just posting what's floating around on the intertubes. It's all blurred and crap, so it's about as anonymous as you & I need it to be.

And don't worry, I'm sure Nerve didn't just get a giant bump in revenue for this post.


Dec 23 09 - 5:07pm

Hah, this kid is awesome. Thanks for publishing this. Looks like I need to check this place out more often.

Dec 23 09 - 5:10pm

Nice gam. What are you, some Islamic fundamentalist? Death threats because someone doesn't live up to your ideas about morality?

Dec 23 09 - 5:56pm

What is a "V-Card?"

Dec 23 09 - 6:04pm
violet blue

@meh - a "V-Card" is what a girl is 'holding' if she is still a virgin.

Dec 23 09 - 6:28pm

Well, damn. That's what I call getting even.

Dec 23 09 - 7:18pm
Maxwell Hammer

One of the comments is, "I (heart) facebook like you (heart) cock." I have to agree.

Hopefully this girl will learn two important lessons from this. No one likes a snitch and never put anything in writing.

Dec 23 09 - 9:38pm

LMFAO this was posted like two days ago on lamebook <3

Dec 23 09 - 10:40pm

Assuming this is not a hoax (it has that "too good to be true" quality to it), this is most excellent payback. What goes around, comes around, and karma can be a bitch.
BTW, who else thinks DB's full name likely rhymes with "louche rag"?

Dec 24 09 - 12:15am

my brother was a real dick, too. Sucks Katie had the ammo within his reach. Hide that shit, girl!

Dec 24 09 - 4:58am

Lesson learnt:
Never ever come between a man and his 12 pack.

Dec 24 09 - 10:45am
Joe Smith

IS she single?

Dec 24 09 - 1:28pm

Purely awesome. Katie is a champ. Just wait till her bro finds pictures haha

Dec 24 09 - 3:20pm

Man... that's classic sibling rivalry....but I must agree.... never put anythin in writing and don't be a tattler!!! Snitches get stiches beotches!!!

Dec 26 09 - 2:26am

Judging by the comments here: 13 year old aspiring fraternity pledges are the only guys who read this site.

No woman with both a vagina AND a brain ever has, or ever will.

Dec 26 09 - 2:50am

So Veronika, which are you missing?

Dec 26 09 - 4:05am

You were linked on Jezebel.

Dec 26 09 - 2:50pm
brush creek red

I kinda like the little Skanks style!

Dec 26 09 - 10:09pm

This kid is already a legend in my book. Bravo. This is why my brothers and I never ratted each other out as teens; we knew the revenge would be worse.

Dec 27 09 - 7:56am

rofl a v-card, that is what she is holding if she is a virgin...lmfao considering it seems in actuality it wont be long before she is holding up some numbers in a mug shot down at the local cop shop for bein a hoe... muahahaha

Dec 27 09 - 5:39pm

This is the funniest thing Ive seen in ages. She defo deserved it. No one likes a tell tale... Or a whore. ROLF.

Apr 25 11 - 8:38am

This one is even better!!!! Hate yr boss

Dec 27 09 - 5:55pm

While I'm not for revenge, loyalty is a huge issue for me. Selling someone out _because you don't like them_ and just for the hurt you will cause them will never sit well with me.

At the same time, her pride and social standing are effectively dashed. Big deals at that age.

Dec 27 09 - 6:00pm

Also, DB: Nerve features and columnists continue to be one of the best I have read on the greater internet. Even the dating confessions manage a real heart-wrencher every now and again for sheer truth. This is the Scanners section and from what I can tell is the lighter portion of the site.

Dec 27 09 - 10:00pm

Ra... Hiding beer from strict parents is something that requires counseling? I take it you're one of those religious nuts... or American, right? If anything the parents'll be the cause of the need for counseling.

Gam, You're scum.

This shit is epic.

Dec 28 09 - 8:49am

Hey Ra, WAKE UP! I love people that read these things and then act like therapists... Counseling? Come on!! It's the 21st Century, how old are you?!?

Dec 28 09 - 12:18pm
Brian Fairbanks

Uh, guys, thanks for sticking up for us but calling a girl who may be as young as 12 or 13 a "whore" is not helping anything.

Dec 28 09 - 1:32pm

Okay people let's get one thing straight with the morality lessons trying to be taught here.... EVERYONE (let me repeat that) Everyone gets EXACTLY what they deserve. In this life, and the next. Think twice before you open your big mouth. Unless of course you "heart" blowjobs, and then do what thou wilt. And how much ya wanna bet DB was sucking cock at 12 or 13. I guarantee it.

Dec 28 09 - 6:07pm

I love the internet!

Dec 28 09 - 8:41pm

Brian: being young doesn't make her not a whore. It just makes her a whore getting a head start.

Dec 28 09 - 9:41pm

She didn't think to report it? That tends to be the quickest solution to libel on FB.

Dec 28 09 - 9:57pm

That's it?

Dec 29 09 - 9:07am
mad dog o'hara

classic... dont rat out your bro.

Dec 29 09 - 11:59am

what's a V card?

Dec 29 09 - 2:00pm

giving ones v-card refers to losing ones virginity

Dec 29 09 - 2:14pm

i thought it's only libel if it is not real.

Dec 29 09 - 4:20pm

Here's the lesson kids: If you decide to claim moral superiority over others you should probably actually walk the high ground.

Dec 29 09 - 4:42pm

Shit is epic. Thanks for illuminating my day.

Dec 29 09 - 10:44pm

I call bullshit. Look at all of the names -- they read as if someone had just grabbed a book of top baby names of 2008. Ashley, Britney, Brett, Taylor, Tyler, Jackson? I know Scanner is a blog, not a newspaper, which means they don't have any obligation to verify, but I think this is about as real as that Photoshopped Victoria's Secret pic.

Dec 30 09 - 12:03am

Another dysfunctional family drama. Both parents should be grounded.

Dec 30 09 - 5:53am

I don't care who ya are that's funny. She got what was coming to her. She was being a tale tail. I think it's funny you would have this list anyways. It sounds like she is a whore and tries to act innocent. All I can say is she shouldn't have pissed off her brother.

Dec 30 09 - 6:35am

Haha that's hilarious, and she got just what she deserved. Why the hell would she rat out her brother in the first place, when she knows she has this sort of crap hiding in her closet? And when she knows the parents get mad about something as harmless as hiding beer? I mean come on... It's beer, it ain't some addictive drug.

Can only agree with DrD, both parents should be grounded for their stupidity aswell.

Dec 30 09 - 11:04am

I love the way this kid thinks! Such an awesome burn! Bet his Sis thinks twice before being a tatle-tale now!

Dec 30 09 - 1:52pm

i wish i could add that katie chick .. since this brother hasn't been laid in his life hope she can show a bit compassion on me ... he he .. never rat out your bro

Dec 30 09 - 2:33pm

In my opinion two wrongs do not make a right. And shame on you guys for talking such trash, especially about a girl who is probably 14 or 15, not okay. If I was the brother I would have told the parents about the list but not make it public the way he did, shame on him. Especially at her age, her whole social life is more that likely ruined. But on the other hand she should have made such a disgusting list!! But I can say it was quite funny to read, but also disturbing!

Dec 30 09 - 9:18pm

I love this!! Way to go Chris!!

Jan 01 10 - 4:34pm

Snitches get Stitches, or this case a reputation. HA time she'll prepare and cover all her bases before being a biatch.

Jan 01 10 - 8:28pm

She TOTALLY deserved that. Good on that guy for doing what he did. Teach her a lesson. It is highly hypocritical for the sister to complain after doing essentially the same thing to her brother. Do on to others... etc etc... Good on you man!

Jan 03 10 - 3:29am

GREAT WORK DUDE! People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones!!!!!!

Jan 03 10 - 9:36pm

yes it is messed up for what he did but to think a kid wrote that list is more than enough to make me gag. Major Ew. Even at my prego school girls didnt write this crap. The boy did a bad thing yea but she was kinda asking for it. Especially since asian parents are harsh as hell. All in all. Chris i FREAKING love you for this. Made my day. <3

Jan 04 10 - 2:25am


Jan 04 10 - 2:35am


Jan 04 10 - 6:06pm

that boy is an arse and 10, and dont rat him out for the beer blackmail him dur, steal the beer.

Jan 04 10 - 7:30pm

I think it is too funny! little hoe should learn not to be a tattler, no one likes a snitch, I'me with Bro, what she gonna do tell M & D that her little brother put her BJ list on the net. Too Funny, I wouldn't do that to my sis but then my sis wouldn't have ratted me out for nothin. I think Bro should make a deal, take it down to be put on the list ;-)

Jan 04 10 - 8:59pm


Jan 04 10 - 10:33pm

I love that I can read about this stuff - people are awesome.

PS Willing to cut hair to make the cut

Jan 05 10 - 12:19am

Bahahahah. I can see lots of parodies being made already.

Jan 05 10 - 1:25am

Both of those kids are pretty messed up but you know, all you people who are calling her a whore, if it was a guy who had that list you would think he was awesome for getting all those chicks.

Jan 05 10 - 1:30am

i wanna know what the deadline was for right under "hookup list." was homegirl on a mission?

Jan 05 10 - 4:06am

HOLY SHIT these people are fucking funny! This thing remember me american pie's bullshits ahahah You americans know how to get fun! Italian high schools are fucking boring!

Jan 05 10 - 3:24pm

y is this girl so promiscous at such a young age?

Jan 05 10 - 3:37pm

@j - welcome to 2010.

Jan 05 10 - 6:32pm

if you look at it, it's a list of boys she wants to hook up with and what she wants to do with them. there's a deadline on the top, and there are only a few with dates next to them/crossed off the list. she didn't hook up with everyone on that list, she just wants to. i'm not sure though which is more embarrassing, having everyone know who you hooked up with, or having everyone know who you want to hook up with and how.

Jan 05 10 - 9:48pm


Jan 05 10 - 11:16pm

brit, you da man. 93 bro!

Jan 05 10 - 11:16pm

that girl deserves it simply because she wasn't smart enough to immediately claim it was forged.

Jan 06 10 - 6:04am

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah this is the best hahahahahahahah

Jan 06 10 - 10:33am

Hahahaahahaha vadia cachorra hahahahahaaha 15 anos dando tanto assim, aos 30 vai passar a pagar pros outros te comerem!

Jan 06 10 - 12:14pm

What is a bitty bang??

Jan 06 10 - 2:25pm

@ Perla: pretty sure that's a "titty bang." And "HJ" = "handjob"

Jan 06 10 - 4:46pm

Now THAT is some funny crap right there.!!! biddy bang and v-cards... gotta love it!

Jan 06 10 - 5:03pm

you should all (well...most)be ashamed of your selves.None of you know the whole truth of this episode nor do you care to . you just want to judge people shame on you. ps I think it was Rask or some shit like that said beer wasn't addictive or anything. REALLY has this dumdass ever heard the word ALCOHOLIC it's a disease it
it's addictive dumdass!

Jan 06 10 - 5:19pm

Her brother was or IS a ratbastard .First of all he should be a man if he wants to play then he should be prepared to pay if he's cought.Even if it's his sister who cought him. Secondly it is ALWAYS a brother's job to protect his sister god knows there's going to be enough men out there to hurt her every chance they get why would her brother want to help them. They have a word for that SCUMBAG,scumbag.Poor little baby sissy told on you so you humilliate her to your whole community again SCUMBAG your grounding will be over in 3 months ,shes going to have to live with what you've done the rest of her life again SCUMBAG.!!

Jan 06 10 - 6:20pm

okay this just goes to show what super strict parenting does to kids...people take a note from this family and instead of punishing them and being super strict talk to them and be open with them or they will just want to drink and fuck everything that moves...these people need therapy

Jan 06 10 - 6:43pm

Ranger you stupid fuck. "ALCOHOLIC it’s a disease"
Maybe you can make it out to be a poison, but disease? you got a peanut for brain?

And she is a whore, making scheduel for jumping between guys pretty much says it. The truth is not so pretty now, is it?

Jan 06 10 - 8:20pm

ahahaha OWNED!

Jan 06 10 - 8:40pm

Britney is a bitch. What does she care?

Jan 06 10 - 9:07pm

It's Chris' world, we all just live in it. DO NOT rat people out for no reason, especially if you have skeletons in your own closet. She got what she deserves, though I would not be surprised if she off's herself because of this... Her world is over, in her mind anyway.

Jan 06 10 - 10:29pm

This is incredibly awesome. Karmaaaaaaaaa.

Jan 06 10 - 11:18pm

hahah shut the fuck up, a kid doesn't need counseling just because he hides beer in his room

Jan 07 10 - 12:20am

Wow, karma eh? Wonder what karma the bro will be getting later in life... It is one thing to snitch to the parents but snitch to the world? Bro is the all time snitch in this regards... but still pretty funny stuff and it's nothing new that asian girls get "it" much more than asian boys.

Jan 07 10 - 4:15am

1) Alcoholism is a disease. But, most likely, it has nothing to do with this case.
2) Most people never get what they deserve (that's part of living in the real world). He just lucked out.
3) I agree with Anon. I too wonder how this will play out when both of these kids are older. Just hope that they manage to patch up this mess before it gets any worse. And, yes. I do find this pretty funny (but since it also involves two minors), pretty sad as well.

May 27 11 - 1:07pm
no name

Alcoholism is weakness.

Jan 07 10 - 10:43am
The End of Irony

Really, who still does this sort of thing with paper and pencil? Use a goddamn Excel spreadsheet like everyone else!

Jan 07 10 - 10:49am

I want this girl's facebook page so baaad.

Jan 07 10 - 11:18am

i think everyone's forgetting that this is a young girl who probably feels like her life couldn't get any worse right now. she was just humiliated in front of everyone she knows, and unless she changes schools this reputation is going to follow her through highschool, and emotionally this will haunt her for the rest of her life. yes it's funny and it was kind of dumb to make a list of people she wanted to hook up with and then cross out and date the list when it happened, but so what if her brother had beer and she ratted him out. it's what siblings do they tell on each other to their parents. they don't intentionally completely humiliate their sibling in front of everyone they know (especially for something as dumb as getting told on and being grounded).

also i agree with whoever said that this is what strict parenting does to kids...

Sep 22 11 - 2:57am

Stop trying to defend her because she's a girl, she ratted out her OWN BROTHER. She fuckin got wat she deserved, and she didn't even apologize. Karma is a bitch and she deserves a reputation as a slut. So ur telling me if this was the other way around you'd say the same thing? No. So shut the fuck up.

Jan 07 10 - 11:41am

I wonder if this chic is hot

Jan 07 10 - 1:41pm

Lmao @The End of Irony!

Jan 07 10 - 2:00pm

Ranger is only saying all that hoping he can win points and get on the list.

Jan 07 10 - 2:03pm

She deserves what she got. Why would you make a list like that, espically that young. Hopefully her parents learn to raise their children better.

Jan 07 10 - 2:23pm

As an adult, it's easy to say "Jeez. What's the big deal about Beer and BJs?". At first I found myself erring on that side.

But if you take some perspective on it, I think it's natural to kids that age should have more than drinking and hooking up going on in their lives.

They're not monsters, or bad people, and shouldn't be ostracized, but it's nice to be reminded that there are still some people who don't think overly permissive sexuality and drinking is acceptable wide-open behavior for kids who want to do something with their lives.

Hopefully, one day they'll be thankful that their parents cared enough about them to stay involved and try to give them some boundaries.

Jan 07 10 - 2:35pm

I lol'd so hard.

And Ranger, He's not a bad brother. He taught her a lesson in life: [insert witty life quote here]

Jan 07 10 - 3:51pm

If both children respected and appreciated all parents did for them, they would respect the parents 'house rules' and do their own behaviors on their own time and dime. They should wait till their adults, get a job, move out, pay their own rent, and then do as they wish. Both children made themselves and their family look bad. While children partying or sexing it up, family is probably working hard to provide for the children. These children must try to see parents protective because life is hard, and you can be given chances when young, but if the bad behaviors stick, the boy may become a closet alcoholic, literally!!, and the girl, an unhappy woman who may never experience the joy of getting to know someone first, before swappin' spit. These kids need to learn to work as a family unit, mommy and daddy may not always be around to take care of them. Where's the loyalty to their family, to each other, to protect each other?

Jan 07 10 - 4:24pm

Ekman got it right, Ranger is a stupid fuck who cant spell at all. i think the funniest part of all of this is how many people feel it is so important to voice their right and wrong opinions like it all actually matters, this event will be an insignificant bump in this brother and sisters lives sooner or later, big f'ing deal, a brother and a sister in a quarrel in todays modern internet age. oh boy, look out, big time stuff here! either way i wanna get this little girls facebook to see how hot she is.

Jan 07 10 - 5:06pm

wtf, who are the people who are posting on this site?
This isn't a moral issue, she made a hook up list and he had beer.
It's fucked up for her to not hold something stupid that would get her brother trouble in confidence, why should anyone expect him to not give her her comeuppance. Just sayin, if you're over 25, you have no place commenting on high school drama.
People keep saying "if the parents did a better job" but who are you to comment on parenting style. ALL studies have shown that authoritarian parenting styles produce much worse results than other parenting styles.
No one's life got ruin, nothing incredibly bad happened to anyone, it's just hilarious high school drama.

Jan 07 10 - 6:00pm

Katie sounds like a champ. Hey Kate, I keep my hair short and me.

Jan 07 10 - 6:09pm

The guy that tells his friend he can get a BJ if he cuts his hair kills me. Most of the people are disgusted or mad. This guy is cracking jokes. Too funny.

Jan 07 10 - 9:14pm

The sad thing about this is ten years from now, Chris will be completely over being grounded. His sister, however will have gone through years of torment and isolation from others at her school and she won't forget. While Chris thinks he got "revenge" for a 3-months of being grounded (which will have no long term effects to his life), he just ensured that he will never have a relationship with his sister or his nephews/nieces when he they are both adults.

Jan 07 10 - 9:36pm

Brilliant!!!! GO Chris!!! LMFAO!

Jan 07 10 - 9:43pm

payback is a bitch isnt it katie? lmfao you got what you deserved!

Jan 07 10 - 10:26pm
King Handsome Crown Royal

Oh, FUCK YES. This girl had it coming and now you lie in the bed that you make (literally). She should be happy.

Jan 07 10 - 10:38pm


Jan 07 10 - 10:46pm


Jan 07 10 - 11:07pm

lol from brazil!

Jan 08 10 - 12:04am

Well Liza, she shouldn't have been a whore. More importantly she shouldn't have been a whore who KEEPS PLAN RECORD!!! WTF! I mean, have you NEVER heard of code words and names??? omg.

Jan 08 10 - 12:05am

I feel sorry for the dude who ate her! bwahahahahahah. slut.

Nov 20 11 - 2:32pm

you are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jan 08 10 - 1:43am

On the one hand its hilarious because we can identify with the brother who was looking at 3 months of grounding. Seems like forever, to anyone.
On the other hand, it sucks, because its nobody's business who you mess around with. And Facebook will last longer than grounding.
But how many options for revenge did Brian have? He was hating on his sister for telling his parents about the beer, so he can't do the same with her hook-up list. did he have 5 choices for revenge actions? 3? He probably felt like if he didn't do this, she would be "getting away" with imprisoning him.
It would be better if the both of them didn't engage in tattling behaviour, but how much power do either of these kids have in the family? What did he do to her to make her rat him out about the beer? No one is getting the whole story!
What we do see is funny though.

Jan 08 10 - 2:37am

Whores get paid. This girl is just a person with a normal sex drive and an abnormal organisational drive.

Jan 08 10 - 3:52am

Yeah, Brian, cut that hair! You'll get a blowjob from it!

Jan 08 10 - 12:42pm

This is very funny...and she is a whore, no matter how tragic/immoral/young she is!!

Jan 08 10 - 12:46pm

this is amazing... She got what she deserved. Siblings are supposed to have eachother's backs and she crossed the line. I will also say that this is sooooo precious too. haha

Jan 08 10 - 12:55pm

Karma is a Bi75H...I love it!

Jan 08 10 - 1:17pm

this is awesome in so many ways..and stop sayin that brother made a wrong thing, she deserves it...

Jan 08 10 - 1:23pm
Chris A

Uh.. anyone else think that this kid could have written the list up himself?? clever to say the least. If the sister is such a prude that she rats out having beer, I find it hard to believe she'd have a secret stash of her own, unless shes a total hypocrite and a bitch in which case, fair trade.

Jan 08 10 - 1:39pm

Chris, my hero! :D

Jan 08 10 - 2:02pm
King Handsome Crown Royal

Who gets grounded for three months for being a teenager drinking beer? His parents should be shot and pissed on.

Jan 08 10 - 2:17pm
Not Real

Another fake stunt looking for 15 mins. fame. About as realistic as the balloon boy

Jan 08 10 - 3:29pm

So much win here, real or not. Makes me laugh, at least.

Jan 08 10 - 4:02pm

wonder if she gave her v-card to a white guy...

actually...why is v-card on the list twice????

Jan 08 10 - 4:09pm
el gallo blanco

I've got a haircut appt tomorrow, and could use a bj or hj. Hell gimme one of her brother's beers, and i'd even be willing to eat a bit. Friend invite coming, Katie!!

Jan 08 10 - 4:36pm

I just cut my hair and shaved my whole body! What do I get now? :-)))

Jan 08 10 - 4:37pm

1. Several posts refer to Katie as a "whore." P is correct; there is no mention of payment for services rendered. Therefore, a more correct term for Katie is "slut", "nympho", or "easy." Not that there's anything wrong with that!

2. Ranger is correct that Chris won't win the Honorable Brother award. However, his choice of revenge is well-selected - Katie won't likely repeat the original offense of tattling. Well done!

Jan 08 10 - 5:09pm
laughing too hard

My favorite part is how he said "what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad that i uploaded your _____ sucking list to facebook? go ahead." This is too funny... whatever the little slut's age, she still wrote what she wrote and set herself up. I doubt they'll get along for years if ever, but she'll never rat her brother out again!

Jan 08 10 - 5:10pm

@ Chris A- you're a retard. If it was fake, she should've denied it on FB as someone else already pointed it out. This Epic to say the least. I can't stop laughing!!!

Jan 08 10 - 5:12pm
laughing too hard

And funny enough, if katie made herself known, it seems lots of you guy's would hook her up... she could definitely check her list off quickly and make some beer money on the side to redeem the issue with her brother, but I kinda think he got even.

Jan 08 10 - 7:29pm

It's not always about the parenting. Sure, it plays a huge role, but the girl is old enough to know the differences between right and wrong. If she had any sense of self respect, then she wouldn't have done those things, nonetheless write it down as goals. THIS WAS EPIC. You get what you give, and she definately got what she had coming to her. Some of you guys need to stop being so serious about it, especially for the wrong reasons. Not once did anyone mention about the serious issues that this poses. If she doesn't get her act together, SHE WILL BE SPREADING EFFING STD'S. A whore is a whore, she isn't exempt just because she is 12. If anything, that just makes it worse.

Jan 08 10 - 7:58pm

The boy will get over being grounded pretty quickly. It'll take his sister years, decades, to get over this. This is hugely inappropriate. Any girl over the age of 16 would totally agree, her brother has destroyed her self confidence for a long, long, long time.

Jan 08 10 - 7:59pm

I'm shocked by the comments... ya, the girl shouldnt have tattled on her brother... but this pay back is a million times worse. her brother is a little sh*t face. ya this list seems weird, but come on, posting it online? i feel horrible for her

Jan 08 10 - 8:16pm
bob bitchen

well... it does have an end date of 4/2010 so I guess there is still time to make this bucket list???

Jan 08 10 - 9:06pm

Chris, what seemed like a good idea at the time could have horrible repercussions. Your sister will be feeling the weight of the world and will be looking to escape. Because she most likely not turn to your parents or friends/teachers she MAY want to escape physically by running away or worse still take her own life. Especially with such vile comments made by strangers. I think it's sad her self esteem is so low she compiled this list in the first place but her self esteem IS low and people with low self esteem generally hurt themselves. I truly hope she finds the strength to come through this because that amount of karma, her hurting herself, is something noone wants on their conscience.
If on the other hand this is just all a huge fake/prank then let is act as a warning.

Jan 08 10 - 9:11pm

this girl deserved it, he just striked back with the weapons he had
nice one

Sep 22 11 - 3:00am

I totally agree.

Jan 08 10 - 9:15pm

So, where is the URL to his or her Facebook page? I for one want to see if she is a hottie

Jan 08 10 - 10:14pm

a question for all you guys. if a girl is a whore when she sleeps with alot of guys . that do we call a guy that sleeps with alot of girls ????

Aug 29 11 - 9:21am
Simple to explain

When a key opens many locks it's known as a master key. When a lock is opened by many keys then it's a shitty lock. Hope that analogy helped a little

Jan 08 10 - 11:44pm

This kid just ruined his sisters teenage years and nevermind the years of talk that will follow her. Seriously I hope this girl is strong because this could actually turn really bad, really quick!

Sep 22 11 - 3:13am

She got wat she deserved.

Jan 09 10 - 12:14am
for add

you call that a PIMP woman!!!

Jan 09 10 - 12:38am

This is fantastic! It's also telling that so many women have commented here and can't appreciate just how sweet a revenge story this is. That's not because it isn't, but because the form it takes is such a terrifying one to so many (whorish)women. Here's a simple principle: if you'd be ashamed to have it aired in public, you shouldn't be doing it. There is no constitutional right to suck a bunch of random dicks in secrecy. I can't stand anyone who wants to have their cake and eat it too. If you want to play around do it and own it, but don't dare ask for all this discretion from others.

Jan 09 10 - 1:55am
LaLa n Trixie

So wrong on sooooo many levels,,but can't stop ROFLMAO!! HILARIOUS!! CLASSIC!!

Jan 09 10 - 2:01am

i agree with GIANT LOLz. Own your actions. Should the boy have had beer? Probably not, but how many teenage boys have hid beer in their rooms from their parents? I always did, all my friends did, my brother did, its just something teenage boys do. His sister should not have ratted him out, but she did, and she is paying the consequences. Like it or not, revenge is a consequence of many actions and needs to be considered like any other consequence. If she wants to suck random dicks, thats her thing, but if you're going to do something do it proudly.

Jan 09 10 - 4:38am

we need a pic of the girl

Jan 09 10 - 12:07pm

You do the crime, do the time. Ratting sux and this is cruel, BUT, this girl was headed down an unhealthy and self-destructive road... hopefully this humiliation teaches her to stand by her sibling, not rat him out AND to clean up her act. If she's only Jr. High age, she really was out of control... so by the time high school comes around people will move on to another scandal and hopefully she will have stopped running around with every guy in her class. Eventually this could actually make these siblings closer than ever. In the meantime, she was wrong and even though humiliating, he did her a favor. He COULD have given that list to his parents and she likely would have been grounded for YEARS!

Jan 09 10 - 1:49pm

you people dont understand and think is funny because is someone elses life put your self in her shoes .

Jan 15 12 - 11:50pm

no i dont like i dont like hooker boots the dont look good on me but think you . . .

Jan 09 10 - 3:42pm

Truth you must be on crack! C'mon he could have left it out in the open for their parents to see. That would be getting even and to get her help for her so-called destructive behavior. Putting it on FB and calling her a whore is something different. Oh and how come its destructive when she hooks up but lets see how many guys do the same thing in high school. Should we sign them up for counseling?

Jan 09 10 - 4:30pm

first of all anyone who thinks the brother is a douche is a douche themselves cause its fair game i mean the kid is hiding it for a reason and she goes and rats him out.....i nvr rat my brothers out...dam live a little...what she should've done is drank them with him...or at least hold it over him to get something but she fucked it up...all her fault...but he did go too far but she deserved it...

Jan 09 10 - 7:24pm

hahaha!! As a female...this is EPIC!! ROFL. Ladies, if you don't want your sex life to get out, don't write it down on a piece of paper that might get found by obnoxious younger brothers. The moral of this story is to not rat out your younger brother. It was just beer. A twelve pack of BEER! Not hard liquor, chill out. I am curious as to their ages.As they are on facebook I imagine at least 16 or 17. *giggle* I say go little bro!! Ain't karma grand??

Jan 09 10 - 8:37pm
Time will tell

I can't believe how many people think the brother was justified in using facebook to get back at his sister. Seriously?? He went too far, and public humiliation like this is totally uncalled for. If he really wanted to get even, he should have shown the list to his parents and let her deal with her strict Asian parents and a similar detention time. I agree with LMG and Murphy...the brother will get over his three-month punishment, but his embarrassment of his sister has probably wrecked their relationship forever.

Jan 09 10 - 8:48pm
GE Anderson

These kids live in Los Angeles and parents are from Thailand.

Jan 09 10 - 10:40pm

Can i get this bitchez numba?

Jan 09 10 - 11:27pm

So... normally, I am all about being the bigger person... but as far as I'm concerned, the sister should've kept her mouth and her [plans with her] legs shut. There's a major difference between being a whore and throwing a party. There's hardly justice in the world. I applaud.

Jan 09 10 - 11:30pm

Wowzah...just proves, don't be a tattletale!

Jan 10 10 - 12:38am

This was awesome.The perfect revenge. Sibling rivalry at its finest. Springer couldn't have done it better. My comment for those bleeding hearts out there is maybe this is what was needed to straighten them both out.

Jan 10 10 - 1:00am

I think the 12-pack isn't worth the girl's note. The guy's action is more deceiving that hers. She didn't put him to shame in front of all people, didn't break his life, his relationship with other people, and 12-pack is not good for young person any way. 3 months in the room isn't change his life as a whole, but published note of his sister - will change. He will forget about 12-pack and 3 months of punishmemnt - it's not nightmare actually, but he will never forget about his low-down action, and his sister will never forgive him for such betrayal. The reaction is very immature and is "too much". If he let the parents know about it, not friends, it would look appropriate to what happened, but to take a sister to the judgement of people on facebook... He created for himself such karma, he will never be happy

Sep 22 11 - 3:15am

Lol I'm sure he's happy right now! LOL

Jan 10 10 - 2:20am
wholly cow

WOW this sucks but this girl needs help...Remember always write in code

Jan 10 10 - 3:18am

this is so funny but it pisses me off to see all these losers who say both of them need counseling that girl deserved it 100% for choosing to make that dirty list and rat out her bro. chris is the best man what a crazy mofo and to all these ppl who say he will never be you know him? i dont so im sure only he knows that. but id be willing to guess he doesnt give a fuck and hes happy hahaha

Jan 10 10 - 3:18am

Ra is such a loser ppl do shit like this in the world who gives a fuck what they do

Jan 10 10 - 3:22am

ppl are feeling bad for this girl but she was just turning into a major slut anyways so he did do her a good favor

Jan 10 10 - 6:51am

She certainly shouldn't be getting around so much at her age. However, teen drinking is killing youngsters all over the place. I'm glad you all made it safely out of your teens, but plenty more haven't and will not because of underage drinking.

If she told on her brother maliciously, certainly he had every right to go to his parents with the information about her. She needs to slow down and be more modest for sure. But, this dude invited in the whole country and even the world for something that should have stayed within the home. He is a fucker. And those of you who condone this behavior are fuckers too. I hope you never know the pain of losing someone to alcohol related death. Btw, what makes Asian parents anymore strict than average. I'm pretty sure my parents would have killed me for sleeping around and harboring alcohol. Maybe times have changed. PS. Chris' happiness is shortlived. When his brain is finished developing and he can actually think clearly, he will regret this.

Jan 10 10 - 6:57am

hahahahaha primo, funny shit i neva found no list of my sisters, unfortunatley

Jan 10 10 - 6:58am

kinda glad but fuk thats funny

Jan 10 10 - 12:08pm

Earlier tonight I read some comments by Ebert about Scorsese, which lead me to read about Thomas DeSimone and James Burke, and then another article on this site by A.O.Scott about Ebert. The actions described by this post--and the sense of humour of many of the comments here--are an uncomfortable echo. Neither of those mob characters sold their sister's dignity up the river over twelve cans of beer, although either of them would just as soon shoot you as shake your hand.

Jan 10 10 - 12:09pm
Mr. Obvious

Umm pretty obvious it's fake. Sorry guys.

Jan 10 10 - 1:04pm

I want to know their full name or their facebook pages' link!

Jan 10 10 - 3:17pm

Ok, that guy is a hero! =D
Gratz boy, u have corage.

Jan 10 10 - 4:07pm

Yikes. Had brothers and sisters, never ratted on each other. bad for girl in this story. He just took revenge too far. he'll get over the beer incident in exacltly 3 months; she'll NEVER get over this. He fucked up completely. not right. Sister: -10; brohter: -150

Jan 10 10 - 5:49pm

Ratting someone out is already -100, knowing her parents are strict, another -100, treating her family worse than her classmates, another -100. The brother didnt ruin her forever just HIGH SCHOOL. She'll get over it too people, trust me... and she really did deserve it she really did. In all i give the brother -300 for evil but +100 for style.. -50 because his comment sounded immature, +50 because he really IS that immature.

In all, -300 for the sister (She has a LOTTTT of growing up to do)
and -200 for the brother, (he probably has anger issues)

but the brother wins.

by the way I'm THE Brett

Jan 10 10 - 6:23pm

f-ing genius!

Jan 10 10 - 11:17pm

im torn, one on hand... no wait a minute cant say that..

absolutely f-in brilliant!

Jan 11 10 - 12:49am

If they are really from a strict Asian family, that kid just made his 3-month stint longer with a nice beating to add to it. Frankly, we have no place to judge. But from my experience with Asian families, this kid just humiliated his entire family publicly. Publicly being the operative word. He just broke the first and only important rule in an Asian household. Everyone has probably got a few family secrets here and there but he went too far. I hope he gets a beat down as this will cost his parents a lot more for his sister's therapy. Gratz idiot!

Jan 11 10 - 12:59am

Again, this is almost certainly fake. It's too poetic to be true, and as I said, look at the names.

However, check out all of the commenters on here -- mostly but not only guys -- who are arguing that a) the girl deserves humiliation for having a lot of sex, and for daring to have sexual desire at a young age, and b) not ONE OF THEM is acknowledging the double standard: if a guy had that list, he'd be branded a pimp (thank you to the one who admitted that) which is, in case anyone was unclear, a thing to brag about. How nasty and woman-hating (I'd have used the word "misogynist" but the troglodytes can't read it) can you get?

Jan 11 10 - 1:17am
Brian Fairbanks

With the exception of the first line, I have to agree with bluecats. Not everything hilarious on the internet is fake.

But the rest of what you said is true and I'm going to say it again: anyone calling an underage girl a "whore," particularly when she has not sold herself into prostitution, will be banned. (Of course, you should know that 99% of the people making those comments are coming in from sites linking to this post and are not regular Nerve readers.)

Jan 11 10 - 2:10am

priceless. whoever hooked up with her should get tested. just throwing it out there. :P

Jan 11 10 - 5:58am

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for the sanity, @bluecats and @Brian!
Putting aside the merits (or very strong demerits) of the boy's grotesque revenge plan, this whole thread has made my conscience vomit ever so slightly. Obviously, a lot of these people are sub-Youtube-commenter Neanderthatls who were linked to the site, but still, it's disturbing to think these people are out there... And, yes, many will say that these people are just voicing these opinions for fun 'cause we're on the interwebs and I should pull the stick out of my ass, but I've never had a penchant to be a flagrant, bile-spewing misogynist just because I'm cloaked by technological anonymity. And, just to be clear, I am a 20-year-old heterosexual male (the demographic that should theoretically eat this shit up.)

I would beg for this thread to be locked or erased, but I know that it's probably generating a profitable stream of page-views for Nerve...

Jan 11 10 - 6:00am

and PS: this has really made me appreciate and value the regular commenters on nerve in a way I never did before! thanks!

Jan 11 10 - 1:06pm

I can imagine that brian must have had his hair cut by now...

Jan 11 10 - 1:09pm

About 15% of the comments here are about how terrible this is for the girl. She should have thought of that before 1) making the list, and 2) telling on her brother. CA lobbyist Heidi Barsuglia's life is also now "ruined." She likewise should have thought about that outcome before screwing that that politician (Michael Duvall).

And yes, there is a double standard with men and women. A girl who does this is a slut. A guy who does is a stud. Complain about this all you want, but that's the way people will look at it until the end of time. Does that make it right? Of course not. But it will not ever change.

Jan 11 10 - 2:35pm


Jan 11 10 - 3:05pm

The reason "it will never change" is because people choose to perpetuate this bullshit, dude. It's not funny. Laughing at the misfortune of others is selfish and cruel and a big part of what is wrong with this world. The idea that we are somehow smarter and better because we didn't find ourselves in this situation. Well, I hope your futures hold more mercy for you than what you are willing to offer, here. We all fuck up, it's just a matter of time.

Jan 11 10 - 3:43pm

So if this is real (and I read a hilarious LOTR status update thing the other day, so who knows) this girl being slut shamed by her brother in front of his friends is equal payback to being being only grounded for doing something illegal.

Yeah, that kid's an asshole

Jan 11 10 - 3:59pm

I'm rooting for Katie. Every teenager has a 'hook up list' in their mind, and I guarantee every boy's is more explicit than hers. Every one who calls her a whore or a slut, especially other girls, is a hypocrite because we have all been, or will be, a horny teenager. To Dude: your sentiments only encourage the double standard. There CAN be change, and I live it. I never call another girl whore or slut; I don't fucking care if it's true or not or how you want to define it. I am boycotting the word itself. I also don't think guys who sleep around are studs. And many of my 20-something party hardy and socially conscious friends agree. So fuck all of you revenge hungry bastards who enjoy the pain of a typical teenage girl unfortunate enough to leave evidence that she's not asexual.

Jan 11 10 - 5:27pm

Heh. Her life's only ruined if she takes it to be. It's not like her resume is going to have "slut" on it or something. It's up to her to accept the fact that people know she wants to have sex with many guys. I mean, it was a part of her in the first place.

@bluecat: While calling posters misogynists, you also happen to insult them by calling them troglodytes. Now this sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

And I don't think too many people would deny the double standard. I personally don't see anything wrong with being a slut or stud (pimps and whores are a different story) as long as you're safe about it. The double standard only exists because it's much easier to ask a guy for sex than a girl, so the girl's job is an easier one.

Jan 11 10 - 7:06pm

shes a hoe!fo sho~~~~~~ the hoodrat is almost ready to step up to the upper eschilon and step into asian porn... hahha

Jan 11 10 - 7:49pm

Wow. Okay, a few thoughts. 1. As a story, this was f-ing hilarious! 2. I really hope this was *just* a story, because if it is true, then some very serious consequences are coming. Coming from an Asian family myself, Asian culture is shame-based. The public shame resulting from this sister's humiliation would be enough to cause a suicide. The sister shouldn't have ratted out her brother, true. Some retaliation was in order. But this, if true, is overkill. Either the sister will kill herself in shame, or the next twenty years or so of her life will be diminished by the humiliation she has (and will) experience. If she doesn't die, she will shortchange herself over and over again in career and partner choices, "paying" for the "sin" of having written her teenage hormone-delusional desires on paper. *Not* in any way equivalent to being grounded for three months. If this is a true story, it is very, very sad.

Jan 11 10 - 8:31pm

I bet #7 came in with a shaved head the next day.

Jan 11 10 - 9:38pm

HAHAHA poor Katie.

Jan 11 10 - 10:15pm

How do I get this Girls number....

Jan 11 10 - 10:24pm


Jan 12 10 - 10:52am
i'm so UT

is it wrong that i wanna buy the kid his next 12'er? she got what she had coming to her... and what she had cumming to her....

Jan 12 10 - 11:51am

Go, go Brian! Cut your hair and win a free blow job!
2009 Winner. No doubt.

Jan 12 10 - 12:19pm

Revenge is a dish best served cold... Ice cold.

Jan 12 10 - 12:44pm

Doesn't anyone know the difference between a slut and a whore? Leave the poor girl alone.

Jan 12 10 - 1:17pm
Xray Burster

This is nothing compared to the real kinds of revenge that go on out in the world.

Jan 12 10 - 1:47pm

How the hell do so many of you pre pubescent kids not know what a V-card is!?!? Don't you watch TV? What rock have you been hiding under?!?! Oh wait, were you home schooled by Mormans? Oh, yikes!

Jan 12 10 - 2:36pm
So Funny

All of you talking about "cutting hair". You DO not which hair she was referring to, right? And it's not the type that you can go to your barbershop to get it cut. LOL

Jan 12 10 - 3:58pm

1)This kind of action is sort of slutty. Premeptively planning which guys you are going to do which actions with is not modest and moral.
2)I have brothers and they have done some horrible things to me but never this bad. I assume they would have though if I had been slutty enough to make this sort of a list and stupid enough to put it ANYWHERE that ANYONE might find it.
3)This shit is funny. I feel for the girl and it sucks but it has already happened and I am not going to not laugh because I feel sorry for her.

Jan 12 10 - 4:16pm

Chris, we salute you!

Jan 12 10 - 7:50pm

WTF?! So wrong!

Jan 12 10 - 9:20pm

she deserved it for being a bratty dobber. What is here justification for doing that...... she deserves it.

Jan 12 10 - 10:35pm
Cookie Head Jinkins

In all honesty I find the whole episode extremely funny. I've read much about poor Katie, whore Katie, hero Chris, bad brother etc, I leave those to the rest of you. What I want to know is....has anyone tried to find this kid Chris on Face Book or his sister. Curious minds want to know...and if so let me know yo!!!

Jan 13 10 - 1:02am

Cookie Head--actually, it appears someone did--( I suspect this is not real.

Jan 13 10 - 1:39am
Brian Fairbanks

Actually, someone in that thread claims to have found Chris and Katie, last name allegedly Rayburn, on Facebook. Judging by the links there, they don't have the right people-- since Chris is 21 and therefore old enough to have beer in his room and not be "grounded" and all that. I hope.

Jan 13 10 - 8:27am
Ryann Dreak



Jan 13 10 - 10:21am

Everyone who is saying this is "so messed up" on either or both parts has no sense of humor and takes this too seriously. Calm down. Do you not remember being in high school? Revenge is a dish best served cold. She got what she deserved and so did he. The problem with you people is you take this crap to heart as if you were that girl or you were that guy. Calm down, you're not. Read and laugh. Lighten up.

Jan 13 10 - 12:53pm

why would the girl make such a list! oh my god i would be so mad, i dont know how she will ever show her face in public again

Jan 13 10 - 1:34pm
Der Lippenstift

by the comments the only people reading this "love + sex + culture" magazine is read only by elderly rural baptists.

Jan 13 10 - 2:38pm

whoever said the guy deserved it cuz he shouldn't have hid beer in his room, well the same can be said about the girl and this list. sure, she only told their parents while he posted this on FB, but that's why it's revenge.

Of course, the only problem is that this kid is essentially disgracing his entire family.

Jan 13 10 - 2:54pm

Der Lippenstift wins the comment section.

Jan 13 10 - 2:55pm

LOL! Can I post this to my relationship blog?

Jan 13 10 - 2:56pm
Cookie Head Jinkins

Well people...can someone please befriend this kid on Face Book so we could get to the bottom of this. It cannot be possible that so many people are on this thread and we don't have concrete evidence to the facts. Not saying it is impossible this facebook episode is not real...but come on people...lets get to the bottom of this...!

Jan 13 10 - 3:18pm

Chris and Katie don't sound like Asian names to me...and before someone says I shouldn't generalise it's Chris himself that said "all Asian parents are strict".

Jan 13 10 - 3:42pm
MaryJane Cannabian

Legend. Dary.

Plus, I'm glad I was an only child. And wondering how quick Brian rushed out to get a haircut.

Jan 13 10 - 7:51pm

whatever, katie is my hero. I wish I was as organized, industrious and goal oriented as her at her age! The girl's even got a target date for all her efforts. she shouldn't be embarrassed just cause she wants to get some and broaden her horizons... she should just learn how to hide shit better but I am sure she will from now on.

Jan 13 10 - 8:11pm

I love how all the girls on the Facebook thread are saying OMG WTF SO WRONG YOU IMMATURE DICK while only the guys realize the ridiculousness here.
Stupid bitches. She got what she deserved, both for ratting him out for no reason and for being such a filthy whore in the first place.

Jan 13 10 - 11:00pm

The sister is a snitch. she deserves it

Jan 13 10 - 11:53pm

that's not THAT many guys... and hey maybe it'll help her to achieve these goals she set for herself for 2010. I don't think she's a whore :) she's just positive about sex. at least she likes giving blowjobs and getting eaten out. she could be worse off.

Jan 14 10 - 1:15am
valeria mustefano

you guys are all assholes. katie will be embarrassed at first, an may be scarred by the level of "slut" and "whore" namecalling to a degree, but...

this little girl will NEVER. EVER. EVVVVVVVER forget the levels of amazing sex and orgasms she will start having because of the publicity of this. you've got to remember, every time a guy denigrates a girl for being sexual-- it's ONLY BECAUSE HE IS INSECURE HE COULD NEVER BE SEXUALLY ACCEPTED BY HER AND THAT MEANS HE IS JEALOUS! yeah, you guys are jealous. YOU want to be on her list. that's the way the world works! girls, it is males' lifelong goal to get you to never realize this! you can fuck whomever you like and have as many weird orgasms from different sources as you want. just don't catch a disease or get pregnant, and sister you are home-freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

just ignore the word "slut" it carries no weight or meaning except the hidden subtext of "oh no, you realize you have powers over us and we need to IMMEDIATELY TRY TO BEAT YOU BACK DOWN!"

i'm only shaking my head and laughing because there are bitches that buy into it.

don't be one of them katie! you are prolly gonna have the best sex life in the entire stratosphere for the rest of your life! i am jealous! YOU GO GIRL! BOO YAH!

bro: have fun w your beer

Jan 14 10 - 2:20am
Peggy Sue

"glue" got it right. Katie is my hero. I wish I was this organized as well. Instead, I'm the one at the sidewalk sale after the bar closes... You're going to do just fine in Corporate America, don't worry. I had no idea when I woke up today that I'd be learning a lesson from a horny little School Girl, I've got too much crap in writing! That said, I have to side with her brother Chris. She should have gone to him personally and said she was concerned about his drinking if in fact was which I seriously doubt. This is what Karma is all about. Speaking of Karma, why in the hell did they take My name is Earl off the air?

Jan 14 10 - 2:23am
valeria mustefano

oh gimme a break are you guys really all this retarded/underaged?

this girl scored for the rest of her life

orgasms every day forever

shut the FUCK up with your posturing and pretense

dudes have nothing after we figure out that "slut" means "we wish you wanted us not him"

Jan 14 10 - 4:44am

Way to go Chris. All is fair in brother and sister War. In my opinion Katie should have just let Chris have the beer and used it as leverage in the future, should she ever need anything hiding from mum and dad...surely thats how things work with brothers and sisters, its how me and my sister did stuff when we busted each other doing stuff our parents would have been mad about. She sure missed a trick there. Fair play with the publishing and tagging of the list. Thats such a funny thing. Anybody who things this is a bad thing is a total nobhead and should grow up and get a life and sense of humour. There is no way little Chris should have not retaliated, if he had let this lie then more fool him.

Good on yer Chris..Katie Shame on you for busting your brother.

Jan 14 10 - 7:29am
Betty Jiksu

I love him for posting about his sister--they have such a bond of love. I had the same list in High School--however I only gave blow jobs to guys who were hung extra big and thick

Jan 14 10 - 7:54am

why didnt Katie just ask for beer?? Tattle tail :) Imagine what she is trying to find out about her brother now to pay back.. woha ha ha

Jan 14 10 - 7:58am

How old is Katie?????

Jan 14 10 - 8:44am

Just heard confirmation that this is a Hoax by 'The Viral Factory'. Sorry - no Katie Blow Jobs for anyone. Good idea though.

Jan 14 10 - 9:14am

do somebody have photo of this chick?

Jan 14 10 - 11:41am
Brian Fairbanks

Leononline, can you provide a link to that? Otherwise, it just sounds like you're spamming.

Jan 14 10 - 12:18pm

I love the deadline. April 2010... I wonder ishe'llll reach her goal now?

Jan 14 10 - 4:44pm

And thats why you stay out of other peoples business.

Jan 14 10 - 5:27pm

Right off the bat, I'm a parent of one son and one daughter--perhaps just like this family. One of my FB friends had this link posted.

Man, what a clusterf***. At first glance, it seems like karma, but we have a tremendous inequity of magnitude here. If he merely wanted revenge, then give the list to *the parents*. Publishing this on FB and tagging all the guys? That's not being vengeful--that's being sociopathic. And no way for a man to behave. I realize he's a teenager, but it's a hateful, hateful thing that boy did. It's the kind of thing that may never be forgiven by that girl. Many posters here have used EPIC to describe what this boy did--instead, that should apply to the pain this girl will go through. I can't imagine her even functioning in her school again. Light years beyond what little pissy little Skippy got with his grounding. The boy is a complete and utter subhuman douchebag.

For having beer in his room, would I ground my son for 3 months? In actuality, it's very possible. With all the complaining about "authoritarian" parenting styles here, it's a loosey-goosey parenting style that results in the increased assholeness I've seen as the generations have progressed. I've never spanked my children, but is there a clear line of behavior expected on their part? Hell yeah, and they know it. And they're growing up into self-responsible people as a result.

The daughter is not free of sin either, obviously. :-) That list is wrong on so many levels and should be dealt with--but by whom? The parents, not the planet. Let her get her 3 month grounding, if that makes this punk brother happy.

Let the flames begin by those who think I'm too old or too out-of-touch, but I hope that somewhere inside, any flamers will realize that boy performed an evil act on his own kin. He needs to regret this for the rest of his life. And his sister has every right for never trusting the little shit again.

Jan 14 10 - 7:05pm
Billy Carter

Go back to church 'fnub'. I personally hope the boy learned his lesson and next time will knock-back all 12 in one session, have a great time, then do it again when he wants more. It's his own fault for getting caught. You should however be praising his creativity for making good use of his time while confined to the bedroom. Stupid sister should learn not to put things in writing and leave them where they can be found.

Jan 14 10 - 7:38pm
crazy man

LMAO, Stellar work!! Summer between 9th and 10th grade, about 6 of us were at a friend's house and looking at some porn mags and just hanging out. A couple of us went score some beer at the corner store, and came back. 1 kid walks thru the bathroom door and catches Robbie jerking off with a Hustler. We all fucking fell out (Robbie was a dick anyway) He took off on his bike and went home we didn't see him until school, and then he avoided us. At a Friday pep rally, they introduce the football team, and when they introduced him, we had a cheering section ready. As he runs into the gym, we start chanting "JACK OFF JACK OFF JACK OFF" he kept running out the other side of the gym and he never came back to that school!!!!! He became a hermit, never venturing outside. (he lived a block from me) God, I hope he didn't become a serial killer!!!

Jan 14 10 - 9:33pm

@Billy: HAHAHAHAHA. "Go back to church"???? Not many altar boys I know post "clusterfuck", "pissy", "douchebag", "assholeness", and "the little shit" in a post--but then again, I realize that I'm dealing with one of the many true intellectual einsteins of the internets. :-)

Actually, despite your 'tude, it seems we agree on some things:

1. we hope the punk learned his lesson
2. it's his own fault
3. the stupid sister shouldn't be writing that vile shit

However, I stand by my take on it: that little turd used a scorched earth policy to avenge a no-big-deal snub. He'll live to regret this action he made in the heat of the moment.

Jan 15 10 - 1:23am

Awesome revenge. The kid is clever and what is his sister going to do? Not tell her parents that is for sure.

Jan 15 10 - 1:24am

:) You know what else is funny?
She could simply deny it and claim the whole stupid list was made up by his brother.

Jan 15 10 - 1:28am

i cant understand the resean of this hook up list? is she crazyyyyy?
i have suggestion for ur job in silence and S.T.F.U

Jan 15 10 - 1:46am

It's soo f* fake!!! how come all the hook up list are the brother's friends? (cuz he couldn't tag them like this if they were not!)

Jan 15 10 - 1:59am
Kyler Luis

Okay, this is such a jerk thing to do, but I can't help myself from laughing about it. I mean seriously though, who would do this to anyone, let alone family!? This guy deserves to have a certain part of his anatomy removed.

Jan 15 10 - 2:10am

American pie 7 !!

Jan 15 10 - 2:20am


Jan 15 10 - 2:32am

Fucking win!

Jan 15 10 - 3:21am

I sure am glad me and my sister didn't have access to the internet growing up or that we didn't fight like this... Unless you count the time she pulled a knife on me and I had to pepper-spray her. Actually now that I think about it, we did fight like this and now we're best friends. I wouldn't worry about these two, it may seem like the end of the world at this age, but didn't everything? It will give them something to laugh about for years to come, in the future of course. Anyone that doesn't think this is funny needs to get a life, you obviously have no idea what it's like to have a brother or sister in average America.

Jan 15 10 - 4:00am

When considering the age may be too young to be a whore, the correct term would be "chearleader".

Jan 15 10 - 5:37am

hahahahaha damn funny lol

Jan 15 10 - 6:33am

what is "H5" and "bitby bany"?

Jan 15 10 - 10:57am

I recognize it's as "HJ" = handjob and "titty bang" ^^

Jan 15 10 - 1:03pm

omg her brother is such a break his face if he came in front f me....

Jan 15 10 - 2:06pm

funny, yes. but this is exactly why facebook never should have allowed people younger than college age to have an account...

Jan 15 10 - 5:21pm

Did anyone notice the Deadline??? She has until April this year to "Heart" them and I'm sure we can all guess what that means!!! Ronnie? Brian? Brett?? Who's first? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Jan 15 10 - 7:01pm

Classic. Absolutely classic! That's how a rat should be dealt with. You know the glass house thing?

Jan 15 10 - 7:22pm
The President

Sweet job man , looking good ;)

Jan 15 10 - 9:59pm

I would just like to say that more than half of you are ridiculous.... this girl is a whore for making a list?? come on people most of us have these lists all written out in our head, but given the fact we move so fast through life we don't get the chance to write our lists down on paper.... I probably say "id fuck him" a million times a day in my head as I walk by guys on the street ... i think this is funny however calling her a whore is a bit extreme

Jan 15 10 - 10:47pm

Yes thats right "Dizzy"! cuz u girls are all whores!
Sorry that this little kid let ur secret out.

Jan 16 10 - 2:40am
Wants the v-card

lol.. payback is a bitch.. you dont have a "hard copy" of a list liek this if you have a younger brother/sister.. especially if your a little snitch.. she got what she deserves and can i join the list.. bj/v-card status!

Jan 16 10 - 4:00am

yes paul we are all whores ... oh no the secret IS out...shame on me for loving sex and wanting to get fucked 24/7 ... i am such a horrible person

Jan 16 10 - 9:43am

This is clearly fake. They live in the same house, and they're fighting in the comments section on Facebook?

Jan 16 10 - 2:44pm

never a dull moment......

Jan 16 10 - 6:01pm

This Is The Funniest Shit Ever.... Absolutely Classic, She Got The Little Bro Stared It With Some InstaGatorade.... And He Served The Haterade The Best Way.... ICE COLD!!!!!

Jan 16 10 - 6:35pm

honestly fuck that bitch sister. how can anyone shit on the broter? all he did was expose her just like she did to him. its ok to fuck ur brother over on purpose for a few beers but not ok to get back at her? nice job man. for real. i wish i could meet u in real life to shake ur hand....and maybe see if u can add me to the list for a blowjob.

Jan 16 10 - 10:13pm
Joe Blow

This is pretty funny. I especially like the hearts on the note. That is also what makes it really creepy and shows how fucked up our society is now. This is probably normal behavior by 13-15 year old girls in 2010. I shouldn't say probably--I'm pretty sure this is the kind of shit that goes on, and it's pretty likely that she would have finished her list.

The really fucked up thing is that she probably had somebody give her a speech about goal setting or some shit and how important it is. Well, there you have it. In between algebra homework and reading for US History, she can pull out the V-Card challenge list and ponder if she's on the right path to victory. This also shows how much leverage kids can get with their bullying now with Facebook. This is one reason why I spend almost none of my time on that cesspool. School administrators are clueless about what is really going on, so this wonderful site puts all of the horrific things teenagers do to each other into their permanent e-record.

Jan 17 10 - 6:43am
Nico The Belgian

I laugh my ass off at all the people who think their opinion on this matters. You're suppose to laugh, then move on. Don't overthink it. Besides, as a brother to three sisters, I can say, kudos to him. She deserved it.

Jan 17 10 - 7:14am

this guy is a bloody legend.

Jan 17 10 - 3:36pm

Nerve should take this down now! It's too funny and i come back and look at it every day. only one serious complaint--i can't find and hook up with that girl with all the blurred stuff...

Jan 18 10 - 1:15am

This has the making of a great sitcom

Jan 18 10 - 9:13am
L kid

She deserved this, end of story

Jan 18 10 - 1:17pm

Yeah, this girl's high school life is forever tainted and her punishment far outweighs the crime. I wouldn't wish this sort of humiliation on my worst enemies. Not to mention, the relationship between brother and sister will probably be forever blemished. Still...this kid's the man.

Jan 18 10 - 9:26pm

don't you guys think this is staged? This is on LOLFBMoments. A well liked post can earn them a hundred dollars and if it's well liked for the year, they earn a grand.

Jan 18 10 - 11:38pm
Betty Booze

OH GOD! This is brilliant! It's wrong but you know what? If you prepared to pay the price! Little whore!

Jan 18 10 - 11:49pm

I think this is halarious!! thats wat she gets for screwing her brother over in the first place. hello siblings are there to gang up on there parents and make living with them a little more bareable, yea it was kinda a dick move on his part i would kill my brother if he did this but on the other hand y would u make a list in the first place.. for that ur kinda a dumbass katie sorry.

Jan 19 10 - 10:25am

LOL! This is quite possibly the best retaliation I have seen in a very very long time. Ahh sibling rivalry. Payback, as they say, is a bitch.
Kate hang you head in shame.
Chris. Bravo.

Jan 19 10 - 12:32pm
Nik his sister is such a whore! she even gave herself a deadline in which to complete the list and included the dates in which she gave the blow jobs, i only wanna know if there is a higher resolution of this scanned list, i cant't make out some words?

Jan 19 10 - 7:49pm
Keith Whitener

His sister is not a whore. That sort of language perpetuates the stigmatization of female sexuality. I don't know why you'd want to extend shame or oppression, especially given that you probably want to have sex too! So, high-five valeria mustefano on your comment. Of course, one cannot really get angry with these sorts of comments because this sort of behavior is taught. These posters are indicative of cultural forces much larger than themselves.

And retributive justice accomplishes nothing. He doesn't get his beer back. What he should have done is ask her why she did it in the first place. "Hey, you know, I could have shared the beer with you?"

Also, the brother is perpetuating stereotypes about asians.

Looks like something off fakebook or whatever the joke version of facebook was called.

Apr 04 11 - 1:36am

i think it's because he was pissed at how 2 faced she is. She told on him for drinking, went into his room actually and found it. He just did the same, only he put her in a worse predicament, now everyone knows she isn't as sweet and innocent as she claims to be.

Apr 04 11 - 1:38am
Ashley Lowensen

Oh yeah... retribution does accomplish stuff. Yeah he doesn't get his beer back, but he gets something sweeter... revenge. yum yum.

Jan 20 10 - 5:17am

Epic, that is all that can descrie that.

It's a man and his beer. Who can seperate that...

Jan 20 10 - 11:38am

Beer does not equal this kind of revenge. ASSHOLE does not even begin to describe this guy. This is UNFORGIVEABLE. They're brother and sister for Christ's sake. She should NEVER speak to him again. This dickwad is the kind of guy who shoots you for cutting him off in traffic. He is a future criminal... mark my words.

Apr 04 11 - 1:34am

well lets hope u cut him off soon loser. besides she told on him probably out of malice and he didn't mention her asking him to get rid of the beer. Seems like they have a pretty antagonistic sibling rivalry going on. She tried to check mate his ass, he said fuck it, slapped the pieces off the table and showed everyone what a duplicitous bitch she really is. She doesn't condone teenage drinking, but will suck a dudes dick if he cuts his hair and has a deadline for her various sexual activities? Also, all this bullshit about ruining her reputation is stupid. If she really was going to do all these things, u don't think it would have gotten around?

Jan 20 10 - 1:25pm

hey katie would U like to Cum see me for a couple hours I can think of a few things to do in that time lmffaoooooooooooooooo

Jan 20 10 - 3:16pm

This kid is ready to join the Tea Party. Overkill is the way to go!

Jan 20 10 - 4:00pm

Oh c'mon. Grow a sense of humor. This is effing hilarious.

Jan 20 10 - 6:28pm
Oh Mg

It just got re-posted here:

Jan 20 10 - 7:23pm

The comments on this blog post are almost as funny as the original blog. Listen to this douche nozzle "Cris", "This dickwad is the kind of guy who shoots you for cutting him off in traffic. He is a future criminal… mark my words.". LMAO. Over react much? She deserves to have this listed posted SOLELY BECAUSE SHE'S STUPID ENOUGH TO MAKE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Chill out.

Jan 20 10 - 10:42pm

This is fucking amazing. God, I love stupid people.

Jan 20 10 - 11:02pm

Sorry guys- sorry to spoil the fun - but this is obviously a HOAX!!!- isn't it just too convenient that Britney, Katie and the brother were all logged on at roughly the same time to send messages to each other minutes apart?- funny though!

Apr 04 11 - 1:28am

not really... most teenagers are always on facebook when they get home.

Jan 21 10 - 12:18am

I'm not sold on it being a hoax. As I type this I've 18 FB friends on now, and it's almost midnight.

This is a pretty good insight into revenge and over-retaliation. And I kind of agree with Chris- to cause this much harm for the sake of revenge is the kind of overkill that leads to road rage and school shootings. Someone's been offended, and has two choices - 1) let the transgressor get away with it or 2) retaliate in a way that causes as much pain as possible.

Teenagers aren't known for their self-restraint, and this one chose "2".

Jan 21 10 - 1:11am

Kudos to Katie for being so organized. It can be hard to keep track of all that dick. And way to go for having standards! (:If he cuts his hair...)
She's also goal driven and ambitious based on her April 2010 deadine. Also a plus in my book.
Give the girl a break, it ain't easy being skeezy.....