While You Were Sleeping: Silicon Penises?

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If we’d known you could have Intercourse for the bargain-basement price of $16.49, we’d have been having a lot more of it lately.

This is another one of those hackers having fun with someone on Facebook (we assume), with amusing results.

A thirteen-year-old boy did eight shots of tequila on a dare and it saved his life… because he had a brain tumor.

“There comes a time in every science writer’s career when one must write about glass duck vaginas and explosive duck penises.”

Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence and apparently spent Christmas in jail, although his wife recanted her story, saying she was drunk and made it up. Now, who had 18 months in the betting pool on this marriage?

Sherlock Holmes: gay man? “Two men who happen to be roommates, wrestle a lot and share a bed,” as star Robert Downey, Jr. points out.

This truly-NSFW and utterly disgusting video (seriously, it’s not for the squeamish) video of a man claiming to have a “silicon” penis (um, doesn’t he mean “silicone” penis?) has gotta be fake. Right? Right?

And Renee Zelwegger may finally have found true love with Hangover star Bradley Cooper. Just wanted to end this on a positive note…