Miss Universe 2004, Nude And Un-Retouched

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One of the biggest controversies in Australia right now centers around a model named Jennifer Hawkins, who has agreed to pose naked for a magazine. This wouldn’t even be news there (even though Hawkins was Miss Universe 2004), if not for the surprise twist to the story…

Hawkins’ cover shoot for this month’s Marie Claire was not touched up, Photoshopped, photo bombed, photo-anything besides -graphed:

The 26-year-old model appears “all natural” on the cover of Marie Claire as part of a campaign to promote positive body image among women.

“I’m not a stick figure — I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident,” Hawkins told the magazine.

Marie Claire editor Jackie Frank said the new shots of Hawkins will raise funds for the Butterfly Foundation, an eating disorder support group. [9News]

Are we finally going to start on the road to healthy body images this year? Popular radio host Bianca Dye, for one, says she doesn’t want this project to succeed:

[Dye] objected to the nude pictures of Hawkins… saying it “is just not right” for the magazine to be pushing her as the pin-up for female body confidence.

“She was born beautiful. She has not had to go through any stress to look like that.” [Sify]

Here’s the untouched cover: