Check Out These Golden Globes, People

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OH. OH NO. OH NO, NO, NO, NO. No, Christina Hendricks, this is totally unfair to do to men of the world who all believe you made a huge, gargantuan, massive, watermelon-sized mistake when you married that unfunny twerp from (500) Days of Summer. It was entirely wrong of you to wear that boob-enhancing dress last night– as if you didn’t know that your boobs were already too big for us to wrap our minds around, let alone hands.



Then we have Christina– the other one– and… good Lord, I think Halle Berry’s breasts were supposed to vanish once she gave birth, but apparently not…


golden globes pressroom 3 180110

And we finally understood why Olivia Wilde is so popular with the horndogs of the internet. Because she is prone to wearing these kinds of outfits:


Via here and here.