The 10 Funniest Sex Education Videos


A website called Ranker put together and excellent compilation of bizarre sex ed videos, many of which must've only caused confusion, laughter, and utter disdain in American classrooms. There's also a video called "Beware the Homosexual," which is like a Chappelle Show skit, only even more satirically devastating-- and not staged.

Here are the videos-- our favorite is the first one.

The above video is a long one (and not just in that "heh heh-- you said long one" way... so, you might want to skip it.

By the way, is the guy in the above clip the homosexual that video #2 warned us about? Because we're not sure what's going on here: a young boy in an older man's basement, sitting on a pimped-out 70s couch, talking about boners...

"You know, when sperm comes out of a penis." Ladies, this is how men talk to each other, even today.

See the full list of the 10 Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos on Ranker.

Commentarium (7 Comments)

Jan 19 10 - 3:07pm

The homosexuals in those movies are always a. bald, b. wearing sunglasses and c. sporting mustaches. I can't tell how this is supposed to look to a 1950s kid. Is he a cool, rebel type? Or creepy? Old people, any opinions?

Jan 19 10 - 6:01pm


Jan 19 10 - 7:23pm

I love how 'the homosexual' looks just like John Waters.

Feb 11 10 - 11:45am

How put these up??
Any1 the one how did es a perv...

Apr 11 12 - 3:47pm

what about "Am I Normal?"

Apr 12 12 - 12:27am

The "Am I normal" is for the girls after they bleed for 7 days and don't die.

Apr 12 12 - 4:07am

Um..I'm actually really surprised about how accurate the one with the coach is.