The 10 Funniest Sex Education Videos

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A website called Ranker put together and excellent compilation of bizarre sex ed videos, many of which must’ve only caused confusion, laughter, and utter disdain in American classrooms. There’s also a video called “Beware the Homosexual,” which is like a Chappelle Show skit, only even more satirically devastating– and not staged.

Here are the videos– our favorite is the first one.

The above video is a long one (and not just in that “heh heh– you said long one” way… so, you might want to skip it.

By the way, is the guy in the above clip the homosexual that video #2 warned us about? Because we’re not sure what’s going on here: a young boy in an older man’s basement, sitting on a pimped-out 70s couch, talking about boners…

“You know, when sperm comes out of a penis.” Ladies, this is how men talk to each other, even today.

See the full list of the 10 Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos on Ranker.