If you want people to wear condoms and beware the AIDS, you'd do worse to create a minute-long cartoon with bouncing peen and vagin.

This AIDS-awareness commercial from the sexual deviants that is the entire country of France makes a few points: trolling from sex in the bathroom is gross, the sex you'll find in the bathroom is of questionable origin, and you'll have a much higher success rate with the ladies if you wear a jimmy hat.

Via Copyranter.

Commentarium (7 Comments)

Jan 20 10 - 3:06pm

But, it's so cute!

Jan 20 10 - 3:35pm

Best. Awareness. Ad. Ever.

Jan 20 10 - 3:42pm

The vagina looks like a cockroach.

Oh, and the one in the cartoon looks like a roach, too!

Jan 20 10 - 4:53pm

this is how PSAs gotta be! viva la france! reminds me of the work safety PSAs in Canada that show people meeting gruesome horror-movie caliber deaths in the workplace. that's how you get people's attention

Jan 20 10 - 5:05pm

letsgomathias: yes, for the Worker's Compensation Board. Those stuck in my head for weeks, especially where the woman burns off all her skin while carrying a pot on a slippery floor.

Jan 20 10 - 9:17pm

Love it! Europe has the BEST awareness ads in print and TV. Ridiculous, really. I used to work for an AIDS charity and we collected HIV/AIDS awareness posters from conferences around the world and they were all amazing. So amazing I was tempted to take a few home when my contract ended!

Jan 23 10 - 6:08pm
Keith Whitener

Condoms are the new Axe apparently.