Manhattan MILFs Get Drunk, Pose Naked Together


In an effort surely designed to boost their circulation (and our blood pressure), TimeOut New York asked its readers to pose naked for their very eager photographers. Four women who live in upper Manhattan (otherwise known as "the suburbs") agreed to do it, but they're more daring than most...

That's because these are the Moms Who Drink, which is an actual group of women who get drunk together... otherwise known as Every Woman Who Ever Had To Deal With Kids. As one of their kids put it: "It's okay, Mom; it's just boobies."


We'll take this one...


...but you get to have Ellen Page's Mom.


By the way, sorry for using that awful term "MILF," but in this case, it most certainly applies.


Commentarium (20 Comments)

Jan 20 10 - 4:33pm

Growing up, my best friend's mom pseudonymously wrote erotica, which she thought was a side of her better hidden from her children. MY mom, on the other hand, missed the memo. Man, what a weird sleep-over it was when I showed up w/ those 2 paperbacks...this kind of reminds me that.

Jan 20 10 - 6:04pm

The player second from left resembles a young Charlotte Rampling, no?

Jan 20 10 - 6:06pm
Brian Fairbanks

I can see what you're talking about, Musclehead.

Jan 20 10 - 6:56pm

did anyone else notice that the blond on the left is only holding 4 cards? what the hell game of poker is that?!? (geezuz...I've got to get out more: I noticed the number of cards before I noticed her breasts...)

Jan 20 10 - 7:15pm

Why do you want the mean-looking one?

Jan 20 10 - 9:10pm

I think he wants the mean looking one because she writes for Salon about these experiences and Brian is hoping for a better paying gig. :) See Mary Elizabeth Williams' article here:

Jan 21 10 - 2:22am

I'd pick the "mean one," too, and it's because, as Musclehead says, she looks like Charlotte Rampling.

Jan 24 10 - 6:39pm
Mary Elizabeth

Um, thanks? And I'm even meaner when I'm drunk!

Jan 24 10 - 11:25pm
Brian Fairbanks

Right on, Mary Elizabeth. I obviously made the right "choice."