Jon Stewart Vs. Keith Olbermann, the Late-Night Feud You May Have Missed

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It may come as no surprise to you that Keith Olbermann is kind of a goober. While we still all agree with him more than most people who insist on yelling into your face about politics, the often self-important “Special Comments” portion of his show can come off as obnoxious and partisan as everything else on cable news. You want to agree with him, but you also worry that every night Olbermann moves ever closer to being the Limbaugh of the left.

Which is why we kind of love Jon Stewart’s skewering of Olbermann on last Thursday’s Daily Show. He took on Olbermann’s slightly scary (and personally vindictive?) take-down of Scott Brown from that week, and Countdown’s whole I-am-a-poet-of-the-left shtick in general.

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And Olberman’s rebuttal:

Poor showing, Keith. The best he could do is slight Jon in the lamest way possible, claiming that Stewart is “a guy who reached his professional apex when he was the host of Short Attention Span Theater.” Hm, okay. It’s funny, I seem to recall him doing something after that… was it The Faculty? No, no…something bigger than that…

Oh, how about hosting the fucking Daily Show!? Perhaps that was the apex of his career?

Olbermann’s last thought on Stewart’s bit was “You know what? I have been over the top lately. My bad. Sorry!” That is so cool of him – and I bet he totally means it.