Rejoice, People: The Topless Coffee Shop Is Reborn


It was a rough year for topless coffee shops. One in the Seattle area got raided after a bunch of baristas started flashing customers for bonus tips. Another one in Maine burned to the freakin' ground... with the case (arson?) still unsolved. Luckily, burn-it-all-down hysteria didn't prevent the owner from redirecting his customers to a secret location (a tent!), then rebuilding...

...and rebuilding... until:

Now it looks like it's back for good, as the owner has received the permit to reopen in a business trailer on the property—not as great as the original, but it exists nonetheless. so far has been slow, but it could also be because the arson fire from last June is still under investigation. But for those anxious to have a place where they can make "I like my women like I like my coffee" jokes, the Grand View is back in business. [Jaunted]

That link also has a tasty NSFW video, which looks something like this:


As my mother would say, "Careful, girls, that water could scald you!"

Via Jaunted.

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Jan 27 10 - 3:00pm

this video hurts a little to watch.

Jan 27 10 - 8:50pm


Jan 29 10 - 10:12pm