Lunchtime Link Love: 14 Red Flags That’ll Get You Dumped

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Mila Kunis says her mother made her work at Rite Aid when she was already employed by That 70s Show.

Mel Gibson says he wasn’t hiding for those seven years he was out of the acting business, just that he felt “stale and bored.”

Wisconsin is finally going to allow birth control methods to be taught in sex education classes, catching them up with… well, one or two states, probably.

What are people doing on Facebook that they end up seeing these ads? We’ve never seen anything this dumb.

You would think I Hate My Parents (the blog) would’ve run out of great vintage photos to post at the expense of our relatives, but… oh no.

Ugly Betty was canceled after a season of disappointing ratings.

Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her baby with Tom Brady in the bathtub. It’s kind of refreshing to see they didn’t have a huge staff of nannies, midwives, doctors, and other hangers-on there and may actually live like semi-normal people.

And here’s an article to take with a grain of salt and to read into deeply, sometimes in the same paragraph: How To Lose A Guy In 14 Easy Steps. Don’t worry, ladies, not all of these are dealbreakers… but the matching outfits one is an automatic see-ya-later.