Sure, she looks like a 14-year-old girl (at best), the point is that she's not a 14-year-old girl and shouldn't be punished just because she has a tiny face, wears pigtails, and... is that a horsey? Creepy.

Anyway, Jude Law's ex-girlfriend, 21-year-old waif Lily Cole, is battling Lily Allen and Miranda Kerr for the Most Naked Woman of 2010 title. So far, Miranda is way ahead, but Lily had the best magazine photo shoot in a January issue.

Here's Miss Cole's entry, via an issue of Playboy France that's finally, mercilessly been posted online:






Commentarium (9 Comments)

Feb 01 10 - 5:40pm

No nipples = not nude.

Feb 01 10 - 6:24pm

Wow. Can't get away with that in the US.

Feb 02 10 - 11:01am

Would someone PLEASE smile? Just a little? Just once? Even while hula hooping? Fucking. SMILE.

Feb 03 10 - 3:15am

This chick is totally famous over here in the UK and I want to get it but I definitely don't. She looks like an alien and is ALWAYS SO FUCKING SOUR FACED. Is that what's hot??

Nov 05 11 - 9:09am

Just that - no woman can ever understand. Sorry you are so upset :D Face it she has it and you are pissed.

Feb 03 10 - 9:34am

I don't know what you idiots are bitching about... This chick is fucking gorgeous.

Feb 21 10 - 10:59am

She is very beautiful.

May 09 10 - 3:26pm

Don't hate!

Sep 27 10 - 8:29am

My kinda lookin. The eyes of the betrayed, what up with that