Religious Extremists: God Hates Twitter, San Francisco

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Readers: The next time you twitter off 140 characters about your internal turmoil regarding where you’ll eat lunch, know that you’re not just annoying your friends, you are angering JESUS. Everyone’s favorite traveling band of nutjobs – The Westboro Baptist Church – hit the road this week, trekking from their home state of Kansas all the way to San Fran. Why, you might ask? To protest outside the world headquarters of Twitter. Not actually because they think Tweeting is sinful, per se, but apparently because people aren’t using Twitter to it’s full potential – ie. as a tool for spreading a gospel of homophobic hatred. Oh, and because they still want us to know that SF is hotbed of sin.

Now, I have this running list of people who I would be terrified by if they weren’t so goddamn ridiculous. For example, anyone who still think Obama wasn’t born in this country and/or is a Muslim spy.  Or people who self-identify as “tea-baggers” or form tribute bands.

But these days, that list has a bright new shining star: The Westboro Baptist Church. While normally, these hate-mongering nut-jobs normally pass their time like any other religious institution – having bake sales and making long lists of things/people that God hates, recently they’ve been getting up to some real zaniness. Like, protesting the funerals of soldiers,  and making Lady GaGa covers. And now, they’re protesting Twitter.

And while the actual message they are spreading is as hateful and repulsive as it is nonsensical, there are still at least two good things that came out of it. Firstly, the protest signs these people made are some of the weirdest/scariest I’ve ever seen, but in their own way, incredible. My favorite is the sign with a human fetus between two buns and the caption “Bitch Burger.” Ten points for anyone who can explain the Christlike message that conveys. And secondly, the people of SF, who are awesome and wonderful, had a bigger, crazier counter-protest with some hilarious signs of their own. Check out the bigger gallery at: