Who Would You Rather: Lost Edition

Lost returns tonight for the last time, and we here at Nerve couldn't be more excited. Everyone is looking for answers to questions like, "What is up with that foot statue?" and "What is the smoke monster?" but we want to throw one more on the pile: who would you rather?

Jack vs. Sawyer


The main alpha males of the Lostaways, as well as off-and-on rivals for Kate's affection, Jack and Sawyer have clashed with one another from the first episode on. One is a tortured-but-hot doctor with daddy issues; the other, a tortured-but-hot conman with daddy issues. (We know - how can you even compare two people so dissimilar?) But at the end of the day, you can only follow one through the jungle.

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Kate vs. Juliet


We've pit these two against each other once before, way back in May of 2009, and the balance was heavily tipped in Juliet's favor. But now that you've had some more time to process the events of the last half-season, we figured it was only fair to Kate to give her another shot. Both have a talent for, uh, glossing over the truth (to put it kindly), so it all comes down to which flavor of deception to prefer: convict on the run, or an ends-justify-the-means-style doctor?

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Sayid vs. Jin


Both are well muscled, with dark eyes you might call brooding and a hunk's requisite wavy, long hair. But perhaps most importantly, they’re proven loyal, the sort of man who’s willing to go the distance for his lady-love, no matter how crazy a distance that proves to be. Plus, you know both these guys are good to have around the house, especially if your house is the kind of house where you frequently have fish that need catching, or prisoners who need violent interrogation.

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Smoke Monster vs. Polar Bear


Both are mysterious and dangerous, both can rip off your limbs if you get them angry, and both have that special CGI gloss that is so eye catching. So which fearsome enigma would you take home from your local time-traveling island?

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Commentarium (22 Comments)

Feb 02 10 - 8:23am


Feb 02 10 - 9:41am

These people are all hot. How about a Hugo vs. Ben?

Feb 02 10 - 10:57am
Brian Fairbanks

red, I'll take Ben. Dark and mysterious, while obviously a genius... in a package that says, "Look at me, I'm harmless!" But Hurley/Hugo is a sweet, big hunk of man...

...tough call.

Feb 02 10 - 11:14am

75% would rather the smoke monster? I don't even know how that would work.

Feb 02 10 - 2:57pm

Kate should trounce Juliet, shouldn't even be close. Glad to see she is running away with it.

Feb 02 10 - 5:21pm
All Locked Up

How about Locke vs... Everyone? He better come back and kick some MIB ass!

Feb 02 10 - 7:16pm

I'm surprised Juliet doesn't have more votes. She's just so together the whole time, while half the time Kate can't figure out whether to have sex with Jack or Sawyer.

Feb 03 10 - 4:37pm

i really like kate, but juliet has amazing boobs. i voted kate.

Feb 03 10 - 5:44pm

Yea I would want Ben over all four of these! More Ben Please!

Feb 04 10 - 1:26am
John Locke

I'd take John Locke by far over any other one listed here.

Feb 04 10 - 1:39am
Brian Fairbanks

One hundred percent agree-- John Locke The Character over all these actors and characters.

Feb 04 10 - 5:39am

These polls are meaningless, I voted for Jack, Kate, Sayid and Monster, because I love them, but no matter, what will happen, everyone will always have different favourite things about this show.

Feb 04 10 - 1:51pm


Feb 04 10 - 4:22pm

co-signing on Miles (and Twitchy on the side)

Feb 04 10 - 6:18pm

john locke is dead his body is taken over by the man in black they explained that after showing john lockes dead body

Feb 04 10 - 9:05pm

Richard Alpert!!!!!!

Feb 05 10 - 6:58am

Jack, Jack, Jack all the way! I have loved him since day 1! Poor (sexy but tortured) soul. I hope he will finally be happy in the end (and with Kate). It's all about Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet <3 <3 <3 Oh and I LOVE Sayid as well...hehehe

Feb 05 10 - 8:24am

Between Jack and Sawyer is difficult, 'cause in S1-4 Sawyer was a jerk. Only in S5, would he be considered a good leader. Meanwhile, Jacks been a great leader who has fought for others from day1. So Jack Sheppard all the way.

I love Juliet! But Kate is the selfish liar of liars.

Sayid by a "If not in this world, then in the next."

LOL. Smokey.

Feb 06 10 - 3:38am

What about Desmond!

Feb 08 10 - 4:11pm
Mikey Likes Clair.

What ever happened to Clair? Man, was she hot.

Feb 09 10 - 2:23am

Kate over oxygen. Landslide.

Feb 11 10 - 12:33pm

Seriously, Sayid over Jin!?!? At best, Sayid kills the mood. More likely: everyone in the room.