Nude Self-Portrait Photographer Completes 365 Photo Project, Talks To Scanner

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A few months ago, we alerted the internet to the groundbreaking work of Israeli photographer Roni River, who spent 365 consecutive days taking photos of her very, very shy self, often in the nude or in revealing poses. Having finally wrapped up her yearlong experiment, River talked to Scanner Brian about shyness, the naked form, and covering your body in mud.


Day 129:

‏”I’m so shy and yet so out there at the same time. It gets confusing and embarrassing quite often.”


Day 137

“It’s hard to explain my photos. I don’t like to do it cause I don’t want to tell people what to see when they look at a photo. 
I see my tiredness here… a kind of ‘Ah… here we go again…’ that is the soundtrack to my life.”


Day 153

“Shooting this was so much fun. I was standing in my apartment making such a mess with the mud — had it all over my face and hair and everywhere.
 It was like being a kid again and painting your bedroom while laughing and jumping and just being completely uninhibited. Which isn’t me at all, I’m so careful not to break out of my ‘safety’ zone…. However, 
I do remember feeling very fat and uncomfortable even though I wanted to be nude in this shot.”


‏Day 250

“250 is definitely one of my favorite days of 365.
 I love how I just don’t care if anyone is looking in anymore — I’m gonna be me and I won’t apologize for it.”


(To see the full, NSFW photo, you must be signed into Flickr or Yahoo.)

‏Day 274

“This photo was hard to shoot and it was hard to look at as well. 
For me, it talks about wanting to just crawl out of my skin… and about the suffocation I feel being on this earth and in this life, in my body as well.”


‏Day 285

‏”I wore this tight underwear on purpose to get that chubby effect, which isn’t hard as I’m not skinny.
 I wanted to start showing the truth and not hide behind the poses that flatter me… to start coming out of that safety zone. 
I wanted to see myself as un-perfect even though I want to be ‘perfect’…”


‏Day 293

“293 was one of my hardest days. I felt something bubbling inside and I couldn’t reach it and I was getting so frustrated. This was shot at about 3 am after 2 sets already that I hated.
 [But this ended up being] the highlight of 365 because I was finally able to shred the ‘being pretty’ character and ‘what will they think about me’…”

See the full series on Roni River’s Flickr page. She’s also on Twitter.

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