Carey Mulligan Got Topless That One Time In A Movie No One Saw

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Yesterday, a long-lost clip from And When Did You Last See Your Father? surfaced featuring then-unknown actress Carey Mulligan. The movie was previously best known as being one of the previous films from the guy who directed, um, Leap Year; luckily, with Mulligan’s Oscar nomination this week and the leaking of this nude scene, the world will hear of this long-lost British flick.

We don’t know much about this besides the fact that the guy in it is, I think, Mulligan’s character’s schoolboy admirer from An Education. Nice to see he actually got some action from her at one point instead of being passed over for a creepy douchebag like Peter Sarsgaard’s character.





Uh, can we get a spot-check for a “real or fake” reading here? Those are real, right?

See the full clip here. Images via.