Yesterday, a long-lost clip from And When Did You Last See Your Father? surfaced featuring then-unknown actress Carey Mulligan. The movie was previously best known as being one of the previous films from the guy who directed, um, Leap Year; luckily, with Mulligan's Oscar nomination this week and the leaking of this nude scene, the world will hear of this long-lost British flick.

We don't know much about this besides the fact that the guy in it is, I think, Mulligan's character's schoolboy admirer from An Education. Nice to see he actually got some action from her at one point instead of being passed over for a creepy douchebag like Peter Sarsgaard's character.





Uh, can we get a spot-check for a "real or fake" reading here? Those are real, right?

See the full clip here. Images via.

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Feb 05 10 - 11:29am


Feb 05 10 - 12:49pm

It's a shame they belong to Shia now...

Feb 05 10 - 1:14pm
Brian Fairbanks

That's exactly what I thought. At least they don't belong to Ryan Reynolds, though...

Feb 05 10 - 5:33pm

She needs to get that mole checked out. And I'm just the guy to do it.

Feb 05 10 - 7:06pm

hmmm dont think it matters much if theyre real or fake... the important thing to remember is hey... She's Showin Her Boobs! lol

Feb 05 10 - 8:15pm
The Doctor

I'm a doctor, I think I should look at that mole on your left breast... for a very long time!

Apr 10 12 - 2:40am
Weeping Angel

And don't blink.

Feb 05 10 - 8:16pm

them titties look awful they look like there drained of milk!

Feb 05 10 - 10:55pm

nice titw

Feb 05 10 - 10:55pm

nice tits

Feb 06 10 - 12:00am
Den Budmen


Feb 06 10 - 12:17am

Certainly not implants. Just an un-real pair of real boobies.

Feb 06 10 - 5:06am

wow!!! nice ,i like that..soooopp,,, haaaah

Feb 06 10 - 7:35am

god she is so sexy i just want to get in bed with her right noe

Feb 06 10 - 2:05pm
Carey Mulligan

and also im free to be married! XXX lovers!

Feb 06 10 - 3:02pm

i want to sqeeze thoes tits fuck yeh

Feb 06 10 - 3:03pm
homo washer

love all you girls who are fit

Feb 06 10 - 6:08pm

i wanna suck on thos tits all day all night

Feb 06 10 - 8:53pm

damb girl wish i could get with ya we would have the best fun ever

Feb 06 10 - 10:21pm


Feb 07 10 - 5:51am

Gross titties....I hate moles ......ewwww

Feb 07 10 - 2:20pm
the master

Hi, I like this girl, she has a lot of talent and I think those are gorgeous breasts,I don't mind the moles!

Feb 07 10 - 2:32pm


Feb 07 10 - 8:14pm

that the best

Feb 08 10 - 1:58am

In regards to "sucking tits all night long": The things you are posting are public, in case you didn't realize. Second you might try to remember that she is someones child, how would you feel if someone said those things about YOUR DAUGHTER?

Jul 25 11 - 5:56pm

Every hot girl is someone's daughter, and many guys want to suck their tits all night long. That's what the scene in the movie's about too, so even she knows it.

Feb 08 10 - 3:04am
a nonny moose

Although I understand these are real, they look like a pair of glue-ons. All you douchebags saying these are 'great tits', have obviously never seen a pair of tits in real life. These are not exactly top of the line. Not that they need to be, but I can see why she wouldn't want to do any more nude scenes. Keep your shirt on lady.

Feb 08 10 - 9:55am

@K.R. - If none of this ever felt this way, none of us would be here. Do you cringe at the thought that your parents had sex? Stop being so prude.
I guess it's ok for millions of people's sons and daughters to go get blown up in war and to die in horrible ways, but never to have sex. Grow up. This is a grown woman being discussed.

Jul 25 11 - 6:03pm

She's probably enjoyed sucking her share of dicks and had enjoyed having other parts of her sucked as well. Circle of life.

Feb 08 10 - 11:46am

Real boobs ftw! I can't stand stripper boobs, these things are the real deal. And it's not a mole, it's a third nipple.

Feb 08 10 - 11:47am


Feb 08 10 - 1:05pm
yo mama

damn those titys look like mosquito bits shit there small but hey titys r titys

Feb 08 10 - 3:15pm

wwwplayboy madona

Feb 22 10 - 3:19am

they look so faaaaaaaaaake

Feb 22 10 - 5:58am

I'd just like to say as a former ladies man, turned no life porn hunter, I have experiaced some of the best titties nature has to offer, all real I hasten to add, if I ever came across a fake pair I would dump them, I've defintely got a penchance for the smaller tit, not to say I dont like the bigger booby, as they are pert and nice shape Iwould give them a feel. These are not great... I get the impression she'll be using a body double in future. as for the previous "somebodies daughter" comment so what if she is I've plenty of peoples daghters, everybody gets fucked one way or another..

Feb 28 10 - 10:40pm

She's still someones daughter but your right that they are just not great in general, they're pointing in different directions. Mine are much better.

Dec 13 11 - 12:04am

Well, if tits point in the same direction it means a really cheap boob job, and hers are like that because she lifted an arm higher than the other.
At the somebody's daughter comment: your mom is somebody's daughter, yet your father wanted to suck her tits. Grow up.

Mar 03 10 - 3:34pm

Yes quite real

Mar 07 10 - 11:10pm

My titties are way better

Nov 27 11 - 5:20pm

Katie, if you really believe yours are that much better, may I see yours to compare?

Sep 08 10 - 4:41pm

@KR and Katie--if yours are better, prove it! We're waiting...

Jan 01 11 - 2:03pm

Yes real her left one sags a tad and her right one is smaller so of coarse they are real

Mar 16 11 - 3:58pm

i liked her the way she looked in an education

Mar 21 11 - 11:01pm

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Oct 01 11 - 5:27pm

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Nov 06 11 - 1:31am

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Dec 02 11 - 7:00pm

OK I rented this movie from my local public library (God bless em) and I semi-watched the whole thing and this scene must've been cut for US release or something because I never saw it! I admit that I fast-forwarded occasionally (only at +1 speed) so I don' t know how I could've missed it. Can anyone help me out with this mystery.

Dec 17 11 - 7:46am

It's a deleted scene

Dec 07 11 - 8:11pm
Carrie Bradshaw

Sagging tits at such an early age!

Jan 21 12 - 12:19pm
Mr Cronk

My cock would fit just fine up her asshole. It'd set up home there, and join a school for ass-fucking. Years later it would graduate, top of the class, and stride proudly out, leaving behind an asshole so completely utterly ruined it looked like bowl of dog food. Fuck you Carey, fuck you.

Jan 25 12 - 3:54pm

Don't Blink...