Just when you thought you were going to be stuck at a Super Bowl party this weekend, eating wings and ignoring the bro in the Corona visor yelling at the TV screen, Animal Planet returns to present the sixth annual Puppy Bowl! Yes, that's exactly what you think it is: the ol' gridiron full of puppies, smashing into each other, rolling around in the grass, and trying their best to hump some cheerleaders' legs. (Which is actually not that different from real football...)

This year, Puppy Bowl VI is going to be bigger than ever, in an attempt to surpass last year's 8 million viewers. How on earth are they going to do that? By including rabbit cheerleaders and a blimp manned by a team of hamsters, of course. No, I'm not describing a dream David Lynch had, that's true! Trust me and the millions of other people who actually watch it. So this weekend, be sure to arrive to the party early, wear your favorite dog's jersey (I'll be wearing my Bandit the Border Collie Mix shirt), and tune in to Puppy Bowl this Sunday at 3pm. We all know Michael Vick will!

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Feb 05 10 - 3:09pm

By adding bunny cheerleaders and a hamster-powered blimp, they made a perfect thing even more perfect. My hat goes off to you, Animal Planet.

Feb 05 10 - 3:22pm

For some reason I'm reminded of a show I once saw at the New York State Fair: the Banana Derby-a race featuring small monkeys strapped to the backs of dogs. Similar?

Feb 05 10 - 4:08pm
Keith Whitener

This reminds me of when I saw that twelve car pile up where the cars were kitties being driven by bunnies and they hit a tractor trailer made out of wombats.

Feb 22 10 - 2:13am
Chris Givens

Damn i missed it!!!