Video: Megan Fox In Motorola Ad + More Super Bowl Commercials

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The Saints won the Super Bowl for the first time ever! How exciting! Even more exciting is the fact that it’s now easier to watch the commercials for the game than it is to watch the actual sports show, thanks to Hulu, which marketed its “Ad Zone” as if that’s actually why people tune in every year. Yes, Super Bowl commercials are cool. No, they are not the most important part of the Super Bowl. Oh, wait, never mind. Megan Fox was involved this year. I take it back!

Megan Fox in a bubble bath. What does it have to do with phones? Who the eff cares?!

Beyonce one-ups her previous years of dancing with Sobe lizard commercials with Vizio: is running a good track record. “Casual Fridays” might not have been a Bud commercial, but we still thought it was one of the better ones this year: