Pic: Meet Old Snooki For The First Time

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So there is definitely going to be a second season of The Jersey Shore, and it’s going to be just like the original except the cast is going to be going on a road trip where hopefully they won’t get punched in the face by so many people. We somehow doubt taking this cast to Middle America will make people want to pick a fight with Ronnie less (there is something about a 500 pound juiced gorilla with a laugh like a donkey that makes locals very violent for some reason) , but maybe if MTV drops the guys off at like, Jon Gosselin’s house or something, they will adapt to their new douchey habitat and integrate with the natives just fine. Either way, Snooki is determined not be the only cast member left out of musical venereal diseases next summer, and promised herself on Twitter to slim down to her former weight. And then she posted a pic of what she used to look like.


Soooo…basically Snooki used to be JWOWW but then ate her? And this is a picture from only a year ago? Is that even possible? Yikes, we kids: WE LOVE YOU SNOOKS! Now lets see some more nude pics.