While You Were Sleeping: Paris Hilton’s Birthday Brawl

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bondcraigTiger Woods and his wife Elin are really working things out, you guys: they are on family vacation together right now and lookin’ all normal, probably.

We’re not sure how realistic it is that SNL — which has never given a damn about petitioning campaigns — is going to have Betty White host, but the rumors say she’s well on her way toward that gig.

Don’t you love it when an Olympic athlete trashes NBC’s coverage of the Olympics… on NBC’s website?

We couldn’t let Sarah Palin have the last word (or get away with her usual grandstanding and exploitation of her own children), so we’ll let the actress from Family Guy, who actually has Down Syndrome, get it.

A New Zealand teen was found guilty of breaking into a house so he could bring his girlfriend there for sex.

Word on the street says that Daniel Craig got married over the weekend.

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend and ex-boyfriend showed how classy they can be by getting into a brawl at her birthday party. Unfortunately, neither was seriously injured.

And now for your viewing (and listening) pleasure, we present episode one of Ricky Gervais’ new HBO series.