Avenue Q Ads Banned For Sexiness In Colorado

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You know, sometimes those of us living in New York forget that there is a whole part of America that doesn’t like their musicals to be about AIDS or sexual promiscuity with puppets or whatever the hell Jersey Boys is about. So sue us! It’s not our fault that Broadway in recent years has polarized into lovable musicals (The Lion King) and more darkly comedic fair. Avenue Q would certainly fall into the latter, since they were doing the cursing, un-P.C. puppet shtick before Jeff Dunham ever got himself a Comedy Central program. But now the advertisements for the musical – which is currently showing in Colorado Springs – have been taken down from the public transit system after a number of Christian groups complained about their “racy” nature.

See the banned ads below and decide for yourself: Would your kid get this stuff confused for Sesame Street?