50 Cent Steals Sex Tape, Edits Himself Into It

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It’s so crazy it bears repeating: Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, obtained a couple’s sex tape and edited himself into it as the narrator.

The tape, in which 50 appears dressed as his character, Pimpin Curly, is part of his on-going feud with the rapper Rick Ross. The video – which got millions of views on YouTube – has disappeared from the internet, and so the actual goings-on remain a bit fuzzy. (Is 50 in the action? Just crouching in the corner? The New York Daily News was not nearly as explicit as we’d have hoped…). Apparently, the woman in the video had a Rick Ross tattoo on her chest, which probably had something to do with it.

However,  the details of the feud – which apparently started when 50 gave Ross ‘a funny look’ – are incredible and elaborate. When was the last time you were so angry at someone you made a mock video of his funeral?

The Florida woman in the video is now suing 50 for unauthorized use of her image and emotional distress, which seems pretty fair.