Bob Hope: The Ultimate Ladies Man?

bob-hope-michelle-taffy-tara-adj1Forget Warren Beatty, the true giant of Hollywood playboys was clearly Bob Hope.

According to his biographer, Arthur Marx, in a story published in the Times Online, America's favorite funnyman lived to be such an old codger because he was the country's most sexually active male... or at least compared to his image.

Among the rumors/facts:

-Hope stayed married for seventy years to a long-suffering wife who probably knew what he was up to, yet put up with hundreds of "bimbos" floating around

-He lined up beauty contest winners to meet him in each stop on his Entertain The Troops tours so he could bang them all.

-Bing Crosby was in the hospital and hooked up with one of the nurses taking care of him. Since both men shared girlfriends, mistresses, and one-night stands, Crosby naturally called up Hope and said the nurse had doled out “the greatest blowjob of my life. You ought to try her, Bob." The next day, Bob had himself booked into the hospital, complaining of "frayed nerves" and tried her out for a day or two.

-Snatched up a girl after her brief relationship with Frank Sinatra, allegedly infuriating Ol' Blue Eyes, who never forgave Hope.

-Walked in on that same girl getting it on with another man, who hid in the closet when "Great Lover Hope" showed up. Hope flung open the closet doors, only to discover that the "other man" was none other than Jimmy Durante.

-Was shot down by his secretary, who could be heard shouting: "Bob, you don’t appeal to me! Now let go and zip your pants up. I want to work for you for a long time, but not doing this."

-Provided the greatest "caught in the act" one-liner when his wife Dolores caught him in bed with one of his girlfriends:

However, on one occasion Dolores caught her husband in bed with one of his ladies. Out of control, she yanked the covers off Hope and his playmate of the night. Caught red-handed, Hope sat bolt upright in bed and exclaimed: “It isn’t me!”

The list goes on and on -- read the rest here.

Commentarium (9 Comments)

Feb 25 10 - 11:53am

Really good stuff. I'd also like to think he kept his golf club in the bed with him.

Feb 25 10 - 12:29pm

Makes you wonder if he ever said, "The price is wrong, bitch!", during sex.

Feb 25 10 - 12:39pm

@JJM, you're thinking of Bob Barker.

Feb 25 10 - 12:43pm

So I was. Still funny to picture though.

Feb 25 10 - 12:48pm

Wasn't his theme song "Thanks for the Mammaries"?

Feb 25 10 - 3:49pm

Makes sense.

Feb 25 10 - 6:18pm

I knew their was a reason I liked him so much!

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