Play This Video Game As A Fully-Naked Female Character

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madison-nakedAre we dwelling too much on nudity in the world this morning? (Of course not, it’s not possible to do so under the laws of internet traffic.)

Well, in any case, you’re just going to have to check out this video game called Heavy Rain that all the “gamer” people who you don’t know because they never leave the house and make real-world friends are playing. Apparently, an in-game glitch can allow you to play with a nude version of Madison Page, one of the story’s main characters.

Friendly warning: NSFW.

According to various gaming sites, including Kotaku:

following the love scene between Ethan and Madison in “On The Loose”, in which he declined the kiss but ended up triggering the sequence anyways, [the player who discovered this glitch] reloaded his save game later and bam. There was Madison. Playable, and in naught but her birthday suit.

So, what of it? Are you going to rent this for the PS3 now? (Yes, they still have these things called video stores which are basically just overpriced weekly rental houses for video games.)

Via Kotaku.