Do you ever stop and think to yourself, "Hey, I wonder whatever happened to that girl from The Hills that wasn't Heidi or Whitney Port or LC?" You know, the one from Sorority Row? (See also: the only brunette.) Well, Audrina isn't going to let her fifteen minutes just like, fade away because she's some second-rate Gretchen Weiner. Oh no, she's going to pose in FHM for their April cover. I want to say it's hot, but just like Audrina herself, they're just sort of...meh. Acceptable.




Commentarium (10 Comments)

Mar 08 10 - 11:36am

It's probably a bad sign for her career that I'm noticing how fashionable her bikini is, rather than how hot she is. Or I might have to go on a voyage of sexual discovery to learn who I really am.

Mar 08 10 - 2:31pm

Dude she's fucking gorgeous. Anywhere I would ever go she'd be the hottest girl there. Her implants are a bit too big but it's not like she's going to be much more than a pin up girl anyway...

Mar 08 10 - 2:47pm

In that second photo, can we see the next one in the sequence where she squats further and takes a pee?

Mar 08 10 - 3:45pm

I'll never ask her to do my taxes or figure out the fallacies of cold fusion, but she is one of hottest women out there. Damn!

Mar 08 10 - 10:33pm

Audrina is obviously gorgeous, but can someone teach this girl to model? Picture 2 is so awkward it's making me cringe.

Mar 08 10 - 10:41pm

Her body rocks, but her face looks like an aging porn star.

Mar 09 10 - 7:09am

new nose?

Mar 09 10 - 3:06pm

fake boobs right?

Mar 09 10 - 3:12pm
Brian Fairbanks

Disgustingly fake, geemoney. She was doing just fine in the attention-seeking department without them, too.

Mar 09 10 - 8:45pm

it's Patridge, not Partridge