Hillary Swank was mainly absent from last night's Academy Awards broadcast, but you know, as a recent two-time Best Actress winner, she had to be there somewhere. Splash News and other paps spotted her and her sexy outfit at the Oscar Party thrown by Vanity Fair/Graydon Carter and... well... wow.

1) This is not a doctored photo.

2) Is that what it looks like?

3) That might not be a boob job... we say for the sake of argument. It could be a combination of smushing, shadow, and some drooping, no?

One commenter on The Superficial wondered how anyone could've worn a dress like that so soon after a boob job, especially a botched one, and speculated that perhaps it's just nature. What do you think?


Commentarium (15 Comments)

Mar 08 10 - 5:48pm

It's the face of her parasitic conjoined twin — you can clearly see her jaw line and part of her brow.

Mar 08 10 - 6:01pm

Wow, the nearer (left) one is terrible along the outer edge, and you can also see a trace of Jewel-like weirdness along the inner edge of the right one. Yikies! And what's with the sudden upspringing of ice-dancery illusion netting in expensive gowns?

Mar 08 10 - 6:20pm

Ew, Hillary Swank just got a little gross.

Mar 08 10 - 6:24pm

Must be weird lighting or shadow. She -- I mean they -- look normal in these pictures: http://bit.ly/akhL5Q

Mar 08 10 - 6:56pm
Jake A

I dunno, when she isn't starving herself for "Boys Don't Cry" or "Amelia," she's rather well-endowed. I think what you're looking at it real.

Mar 08 10 - 9:10pm

I'm betting she has boob tape right where the smooshyness is going on. If you don't have the youngest/perkiest skin it can can cause distortion.

Mar 08 10 - 9:51pm

totally looks like the shadow from the sequined dress along the outer edge. the bright lights and flash seem to be casting it and causing weird reflections/shadows...

Mar 09 10 - 12:23am

Surgery scars? http://bit.ly/cQ2mfH

Mar 09 10 - 2:31am

Weird lighting and boob smush-age. Newsflash: after about 20, breasts are less perky. Which makes them more fun, IMHO.

Mar 09 10 - 6:30am

Anyone else see a scar line running on her far left (her right) breast?

Mar 09 10 - 6:30am

Anyone else see a scar line running on her far left (her right) breast?

Mar 09 10 - 6:48am

She had big breasts to begin with so I don't think this is an augmentation. It could very well be that she had them downsized.

Mar 09 10 - 8:55am

"She had big breasts to begin with"? Really? Big? Have you seen Boys Don't Cry? Which brings me to the question...if she did have a boob job what size was she going for? Tween?

Mar 09 10 - 11:51am

Breasts don't necessarily "bounce back" after radical weight loss. So if she'd been fuller-figured before, and then dropped a lot for a role, it's certainly plausible that the breasts didn't rejoin her. In which case, it wouldn't be surprising if she got an augmentation. Her left looks very uneven -- natural breasts don't do that. Not if they are healthy. And you know, I'm disappointed at myself for evening joing this conversation... but The More You Know, I guess.

Mar 09 10 - 10:19pm
Foo McBar

Looks like tape to me.