Did Hillary Swank’s Oscar Dress Reveal A Botched Boob Job?

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Hillary Swank was mainly absent from last night’s Academy Awards broadcast, but you know, as a recent two-time Best Actress winner, she had to be there somewhere. Splash News and other paps spotted her and her sexy outfit at the Oscar Party thrown by Vanity Fair/Graydon Carter and… well… wow.

1) This is not a doctored photo.

2) Is that what it looks like?

3) That might not be a boob job… we say for the sake of argument. It could be a combination of smushing, shadow, and some drooping, no?

One commenter on The Superficial wondered how anyone could’ve worn a dress like that so soon after a boob job, especially a botched one, and speculated that perhaps it’s just nature. What do you think?