Too Chicken To Dump Your Girlfriend Yourself? You’re In Luck, Wussy

Pin it is a new site that does exactly what it sounds like: it sends someone to do your dirty breaking-up for you. No more will dumpers (wrongly) feel it’s better to disappear off the face of the earth than to have a sad or tumultuous scene in a restaurant with your soon-to-be ex. No more will you have to cringe when changing your Facebook status back to “single.” (Why do people have that kind of information on there anyway?)

I Dump For You is the brain child of a 35-year-old Iowan bearing the fitting name of Bradley Laborman. For $10, Laborman will do the breaking up for you by using the old-fashioned telephone system, still the only remotely appropriate way besides an in-person meeting to end a relationship. Unfortunately, he’s also kind of a jerk, according to this story:

He posts some of the heart-wrenching, sleazy and just-plain-uncomfortable recordings of the calls on his YouTube channel.

But, one has to admit, he’s doing the world a service in some respects:

Who are your clients?

I’ve had college kids, I’ve had older people. I think I had somebody who was at least 40 in a breakup situation. Surprisingly, it’s a lot more female – a lot more females are dumping males.

What reasons do people give you for why they don’t want to break up with their partners themselves?

It’s fear. I had one guy who couldn’t do it because every time he tried to do it, he’d end up having breakup sex with her and get back together. He didn’t have the willpower to break up with her. I think a lot of them have tried a couple times to break up with the person, and it’s just not getting through to them. [Globe And Mail]

It’s a way to get back at cheaters, as well. You do not want to miss this actual recording:

What do you think of this guy?