Today in Twitter: Conan O’Brien Will Improve / Ruin Your Life

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Conan O'Brien is officially the avant-garde of the Twitterverse, the Marcel Duchamp of Tweden. He is pushing the boundaries of micro-blogging, and it might never be the same!

His Twitter feed, which he started in the early days of his unemployment, has been a joy from day one – Tweets spaced days apart, carefully composed and funny – a model of restraint. When he felt the need to expand his tweeting, he created feeds for different parts of himself – including his beard and pet monkey. Then, in a carefully planned demonstration of the awesome power of the internet, he followed one single girl:

"I've decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change."

And change it has. Sarah Killen, or LovelyButton, is gaining followers at the rate of 150 a minute, and has been subject to a financial windfall, including a free wedding dress. But the sudden media-explosion also has a dark side; she's also fallen behind in her schoolwork, sleeps just a few hours each night and "rarely leaves the house."

Which begs the question. What will happen when it all goes away? Will she just quietly resume her life? Or is Sarah Killen to Twitter what Tila Tequila was to MySpace? Are we witnessing the creation of the world's first Twitter-celebrity? Can somebody get this lady a reality TV show, stat?

In other news, Twitter's vocal minority, the all-powerful cabal of tweeting tweens, don't give a shit about Conan – or even know who he is. Instead, they are engaged in a bloody trending-topic war. Apparently, it's "Nick Jonas Day," which has pushed Justin Bieber down a few slots from his universal dominance of the TT board. But the Beliebers are pissed – and fighting back.