Lunchtime Link Love: Terry Richardson’s Terrifying Penis

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dupreJohn Goodman, Melissa Leo and two guys from The Wire star in the amazing-looking new David Simon-HBO show Treme, about New Orleans musicians in the months after Katrina.

Amazon’s suggestions are always ridiculous, but sometimes the pairings are ironic and appropriate, like this Ann Coulter book and coyote urine.

A woman in North Carolina was thrown out of an employment office for breastfeeding her baby while waiting for a job conference.

We all knew that Ashley (Alexandra) Dupre was going to heat up Playboy, but now there’s some evidence. (No photos, so don’t click hoping for them.)

Guy Maddin and a new female director named Lena Dunham were the big winners at South By Southwest’s Film Awards last night.

Bruce Wayne and Mr. Burns top a bizarre list of rich cartoon characters. It was a slow day in the blogosphere yesterday, apparently.

A woman who posed for famed nudie pic-taker Terry Richardson describes her experience with him at the age of 19: “I’m not sure how he maneuvered me over to the couch, but at some point he strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis.”

And big news for the internet: we not only got Betty White on SNL, we relaunched her career as an A-list star! She’s not going to star in a TV series called “Hot In Cleveleand,” which also stars Valerie Bertinelli. White “will play the sharp-tongued caretaker of a Cleveland home shared by three former Los Angeles residents,” according to this report.