Kevin Smith Directs A Horror Film About Westboro Baptist Church

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godgirlHis last movie was a pile of crap — you don’t need a critic’s review or apparently even to see the movie to know it’s not funny, just watch the trailer — but Kevin Smith is still culturally relevant. Take a look at what he’s got next — a long-awaited and long-overdue satirization of the Westboro Baptist Church… and it’s a horror movie. I can safely say I haven’t been this excited about a logline since “the guys who made zombies funny make the fuzz look funny.”

The following was compiled by an Examiner writer and was Tweeted by Smith:

I talk about lots of stuff I wanna do that either happens years later or never happens at all. Happy to report RED STATE is not the latter…First draft was dated 9/5/07. Looks like we start shooting this July. Took nearly three years, but we’re finally gonna roll on RED.”

He’s previously discussed the concept in interviews:

“The movie’s called ‘Red State’ and it’s very much about that subject matter, that point of view and that position taken to the absolute extreme. It’s certainly not [Fred] Phelps himself but it’s very much inspired by a Phelps figure….

“And to me, too, the notion of using a Phelps-like character as a villain, as horrifying and scary as that guy can be, there’s even something more insidious than him that lurks out there in as much as a public or a government that allows it and that’s the other thing that I’m trying to examine in a big, big way. It’s weird because for a few months I’ve been saying ‘horror movie’ and technically it is, but it’s also not a very traditional horror movie…”

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the trailer to find out what this is going to be about. Hopefully, it’ll be better than the one for Cop Out.