University of Illinois Student Schools the Westboro Baptist Church

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There has been much debate about how best to respond to a group of crazies like the WBC. Some say ignore them completely, some say counter-protest, and some say a sock filled with quarters can do great things. (I kid!) But this student from the UIC came up with a elegantly awesome approach: instead of yelling back or doing nothing, he set up a space by the WBC where people could donate money to organizations that help LGBT-related causes. It’s the kind of genius, turn-a-negative-into-a-positive thinking I am not very good at:

On a personal note: I was once pulled out of school one day to counter-protest the WBC with my parents. In person, they are seriously just the saddest little rag-tag group of doddering old people and bored/crazy-looking children. Just a fun fact to keep in mind when you see pictures like this:


Image via Buzzfeed.