Bristol Palin’s New Abstinence PSA Has Some Problems

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For instance, its basic message seems to be that well-off teens can fuck around to their hearts’ content, but if you’re poor? Get your goodies back into your off-brand jeans, dumbass.

Just so we’re clear:

– Going all the way in the back of your dad’s Lexus? YES.

– A quickie on your break from one of your three part-time jobs? NO.

– Getting busy at your parents’ beach house in East Hampton? SOUNDS HOT.

– Sliding into home with your high-school-dropout boyfriend? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

This is not to say that there aren’t real and significant differences that economic status plays in the lives of teen parents. But methinks that this message is not going to go over as well as the minds behind this ad had planned.

Also: isn’t that just the cutest little life-ruining mistake she’s holding?! Just absolutely precious.

Via Gawker.