Bristol Palin's New Abstinence PSA Has Some Problems

For instance, its basic message seems to be that well-off teens can fuck around to their hearts' content, but if you're poor? Get your goodies back into your off-brand jeans, dumbass.

Just so we're clear:

- Going all the way in the back of your dad's Lexus? YES.

- A quickie on your break from one of your three part-time jobs? NO.

- Getting busy at your parents' beach house in East Hampton? SOUNDS HOT.

- Sliding into home with your high-school-dropout boyfriend? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

This is not to say that there aren't real and significant differences that economic status plays in the lives of teen parents. But methinks that this message is not going to go over as well as the minds behind this ad had planned.

Also: isn't that just the cutest little life-ruining mistake she's holding?! Just absolutely precious.

Via Gawker.

Commentarium (17 Comments)

Apr 07 10 - 5:36pm

Besides the fact that her message is pretty awful and definitely reinforces classism, it has no real impact. She's basically saying that if she wasn't so dang lucky, her life would be awful, but since she is so dang lucky her mom whored herself and her family to the media, now she lives this great life taking care of her baby and making commercials for the rest of "us".

Apr 07 10 - 6:06pm

"What if I didn't have all these opportunities? Well I'd put my hair in a pony tail, wear hipster V-necks and refrain from wall decorations duh!"

Apr 07 10 - 6:37pm

i want to butt fuck her

Apr 07 10 - 7:00pm

It's true, though, isn't it? If you're rich you can be a teenage mother and not Face nearly the same consequences. That's the problem.

Apr 07 10 - 9:47pm

Thanks for the laugh "Anonymous"

Apr 07 10 - 10:56pm

Not to mention that rich families are probably going to be more open to abortion for their daughter as a baby at the Ivy orientation is just no fun.

Apr 08 10 - 3:00am

Beyond the terrible classism of this ad, the message constructed by her mother when announcing Bristol's' pregnancy was the height of hypocrisy. She said the it was her daughter's choice to bring the fetus to term, and that she placed no pressure on her (which I find impossible to believe - whether Bristol wanted to keep it or not, she was almost certainly told ''you can't abort cause if you do you can betcha the news'll get out and it'll ruin me with my ''pro-life'' supporters.) But the hypocrisy was that the ''choice'' she said her daughter had would be denied to other women if Palin's anti-choice legislative agenda was enacted.

Apr 08 10 - 6:48am

Now comes this Wisconsin nut-case DA who wants to prosecute teachers for teaching the state's sex ed curriculum!

Apr 08 10 - 10:41am

I don't see this ad as so horrible. She's speaking a truth -- if you have resources, raising a child is much easier than if you don't, and most single, teen mothers don't have the resources of the Palin family. I'll also add that she sounds sincere and thoughtful, which is more than her mother has ever managed. Sarah Palin is a liar and an imbecile, but I don't and can't criticize her kids because they had the misfortune of such a mother. I hope things go well for Bristol and her baby.

Apr 08 10 - 6:14pm
Toe Knee

Good call, @Anonymous. That way she won't get knocked up again.

Apr 09 10 - 6:04pm

Agreed truth!

Stupid and corny PSA

Apr 09 10 - 6:45pm

How is this an "abstinence" PSA? "Pause before you play" certainly doesn't imply that one should completely abstain.

Also going to have to agree that what she's saying is true. Teen motherhood is more of a challenge if you don't have money and the support of your family.

Apr 09 10 - 8:29pm

To see through the facade of her privilege. There's a sad young woman, who will have very little control over her own life, playing out the conceptual needs of the spin machine, for the run of her mothers public career.

Apr 11 10 - 8:04pm

There's nothing more powerful than a "do as I say, not as I do" message. Not. Kinda like Tiger Woods doing a PSA for marital fidelity. The commercial does prove one thing rather conclusively though: stupidity is hereditary.

Dec 07 10 - 12:28am

On the next season of Teen Mom....

Jun 10 11 - 6:35am

At last, smoenoe comes up with the "right" answer!

Jul 22 11 - 5:56am

This article is a home run, pure and smiple!