Nancy Pelosi’s Harasser Denied Bail, Has Worst Mother Ever

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It’s been a bad week for moms. First they hack our Facebook accounts. Then they send us back to Russia. Now they won’t even defend us in court.

Let’s say you’ve got some political opinions, you know, about healthcare and stuff. And let’s say, like a good citizen, you decide to express those opinions by calling your representative, Nancy Pelosi. You give her a call, and then forty-seven more calls, and tell her that you’re going to burn down her house if healthcare reform passes. No big deal, right?

So what if you already have fifteen convictions? Only two of them are felonies that had something to do with you following women around and saying bad things to them. Oh, oh wait? Not even your mother will come wholeheartedly to your defense? Oh. You must be a criminal.

Gregory Lee Giusti, arrested for harassing Nancy Pelosi, was denied bail by federal judge yesterday. And who comes in to speak on his behalf? Co-workers, his girlfriend, an old boss? I know – his community leader! No. His mom. The best they could do was bring in Lee Giusti’s mom, who said of her son, “He’s very vocal, unfortunately” and, more pointedly, “he’s never attacked anyone.”

If this is the best she can do, no wonder he’s in prison.