This Week In Sex: More Ashley Dupre Nudie Shots

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ipadpornOne thing the Apple iPad might be good for: creating technology-related porn movies.

Larry King may have gotten divorced because he was carrying on a five-year-long affair with his wife’s sister. He apparently got caught after putting a $16,000 diamond necklace on his Visa card.

Hey, can you Photoshop my ex-girlfriend in lingerie into this album cover photo for me? Thanks, that’ll be great, I can pay you, like, $5 for it.

What do sex tourists really think of women? Don’t say “they think they’re great, and they actually have loving relationships at home, but have sex addiction and are forced to cheat abroad.” Because you would be a fool.

In case you didn’t know not to ever download “Hentai porn” files from sharing sites: “A new type of malware infects PCs using file-share sites and publishes the user’s net history on a public website before demanding a fee for its removal.”

Sophie Howard — still the best boobs in Britain? (See below.)

Tila Tequila performed a club show the other night to promote her new track “I Fucked the DJ.” Of course, she was really there to take her clothes off. (See below.)

And just when you thought we’d tired of talking about her or showing off Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Playboy photos, then the whole lot of them hits our desks:




Ashley Alexandra Dupre


Sophie Howard

Tila Tequila 150410

Tila Tequila