Dudes Who Speak In Monotone Get All The Ladies

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Now we know why you ladies can’t get enough of Barry White’s love: it isn’t just his deep, booming crooning that you love… it’s the boring predictability of his speech.

American researchers studied a bunch of gentlemen in competitive scenarios and determined that the guys with very little change in their vocal pitch had the most sex in the past year. (Actually, they said "most frequent sexual partners," but what about guys who had a lot of sex with one, driven-wild woman?)

Experts believe that the monotone has evolved as an indication of authority and independence. They cited George Clooney and Clint Eastwood as examples of men who have nonotone voice but are considered sexy.

The constant frequency of a monotonous voice shows a man is in control, while anxiety triggers a rise in vocal frequency and aggression causes it to deepen. [Telegraph]