Sarah Silverman wrote a memoir, can actually be sincere

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Some people like Sarah Silverman, some don't. Some people – even the ones who understand what she's going for in her comedy when she says "the best time to get pregnant is when you're a black teenager" – still don't like her. Such is life. But Sarah Silverman, whose public confessions about her comedy are always filtered through journalists or in very public Twitter fights with the good people of TED, has never had the means to get it straight herself.

Until now! Her memoir, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee hits stores and webs today. But why, exactly, did she choose to write a book? On Bedwetter's Amazon page, she says:

"Because it just seemed like the right time to be getting into the publishing industry. I'm kidding. Publishing is rotting like an abandoned possum carcass on the shoulder of I-95"

Also, Paris Hilton's dog has her own book. This is fair.

What's most exciting about this book is that it's not just a collection of wacky essays or true stories from a comic. (Though I'm sure Jay Mohr's book has its own merits.) Apparently, Silverman was a bedwetter until high school. And apparently the book has actual heart. Yes, actual heart and sincerity from Sarah Silverman. Are there jokes? Of course there are jokes. But she told The Daily Beast, "I think about the daughter I don't have all the time." Jesus. She really didn't have to say that but it's kind of wonderful that she did – I'm hoping the whole book will be like that.