Celebrity Tips For Losing Your Virginity: Reach Out And Cut Somebody

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US Weekly‘s round-up of celeb’s first-time stories remind us that we’re all just people fumbling towards connection. Except Angelina Jolie. She freaky.

Some of these are not very surprising — Daniel Radcliffe lost it at the age of sixteen to a "much older woman", which is exactly what you’d expect for the boy who plays Harry Potter. (I can see the scene now: Susan had dropped the kids off at school. She was just checking her AOL mailbox, sending on some warnings about baby aspirin tainted with rabies and a cute cat video or two, when she heard a knock. "Daniel," she gasped, when she opened the door. "Please, come in…")

Some of them are more so (Brooke Shields, well known super hottie at the time, waited until twenty-two). But none of them really compare to Angie’s:

After having sex for the first time, "the emotions didn’t feel enough," she has said. So to feel closer to her mate, she said she "grabbed a knife and cut him."

Me, I went to Burger King with the guy (super classy). But I guess we all like to bond in our own special ways.