Last Links: The R&B Earth Day Sex Song

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Happy Earth Day everyone. Hug a tree, and then watch this video: "Turn off the lights ’cause you know it’s eco-friendly / You know you like the size of my carbon footprint."

PETA, everyone’s favorite group of crazies, is featuring an anti McDonald’s ad capitalizing on Bea Arthur’s death. Even if you can’t argue with the cause, like everything they do, this seems in super bad taste.

The new $100 bill has such a crazy design that I’m finally, genuinely interesting in becoming wealthy. Just so I can have a bunch of ’em.

As a blogger, I’m inherently anti-pen. That said, this guy recreating a Van Gogh with a bic is pretty awesome.

And, in a fitting end-note, hilarious break-up letters. Lots of them are likely fake, but it’s still fun to pretend.