Olivia Munn’s Nude PETA Ad Needs More Nakedness

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Olivia Munn’s making a big publicity push this week for some reason. (Maybe it’s her role in Date Night? Or Iron Man 2?) Whatever she’s out promoting, it’s working — we finally started writing about the G4 star whose supposed popularity has puzzled us because we’ve never met anyone who has ever heard of her.

No matter, those people are obviously not horny internet nerds, who represent 102% of the presenter’s fanbase. Now she can add animal rights activists to her stockpile of supporters. Munn, whose first nekkid PETA spread (seen above) hits the wires today, was upset about circuses that capture still-nursing baby elephants… "rodeo-style and [drag them] away from their mothers."

Whatever you think of PETA, the way circuses treat their animals, including lions, tigers and elephants, is especailly inhumane.