A man with a guide dog was refused entry to an Australian restuarant, because they thought he said he had a "gay dog." Just FYI guys, when you screw up and give an excuse, it's supposed to make you look better than telling the truth.

Of Montreal is still one of our favorite Canadian things. Because they say things like "We're one of the only bands that has a prepositional phrase as our name."

This is a video of a sheep surfing. So what if it's fake? It's mid-week slump Wednesday. Plus, I've had enough of cats in roller-skates.

On a day where I read two stories about teenage girls getting trampled to death like cheering, bedazzled cattle at Justin Bieber concerts, this video seems appropriate to post.

After thirty years, a little boy's message in a bottle is returned to him - via Facebook! See, people? Social networking sites sometimes use their powers for good. 

And finally, here's a list of ridiculous ICP lyrics. If you liked the weird, happy nonsense that was "Miracles," you'll really like this.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Apr 28 10 - 7:57pm

I might be missing some inside joke or other, but Of Montreal isn't Canadian

Apr 28 10 - 10:56pm

@um: thats not the point

Apr 30 10 - 1:08am

Whatever the point is, I can't see it through the blantant factual error.

Apr 30 10 - 1:09am

*blatant. Not to clear up any confusion, but just to prove I can spot my typos.