Last Links: Smoking Cigarettes Kills Puppies and Kittens

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Smoking cigarettes….kills puppies! Not a dog person? It kills kitties, too!

I can’t stop writing about this. Now it’s illegal to teach English in Arizona if you have a "heavy-accent." We spent the entire 1990s recruiting teachers whose native language was Spanish, goddamnit. And that was a good idea!

Ok, now to cheer you up – here are some weirdly erotic, slow-motion vidoes of people getting shot in the face by a cupcake cannon.

A great new tumblr, Wait, What? documents the tail-end of conversations you wish you’d heard from the beginning. "But, thankfully, it was frozen so we had plenty of time to call the taxidermist right after we ordered a new sofa"

"In Finland, we are bathing in sauna with cats." Fuck you, internet, this is cat-abuse. And fuck you, PETA. Don’t you have some naked ladies you could send to Finland to protest this?

And finally, a little more internet silliness (is there ever enough?) – a song about the British rag, The Daily Mail.