New “Cuddle Spray,” Makes Men More Effeminate

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Mad scientists in German and Finland have created a nasal spray that make men exhibit lady-like characteristics, like empathy and the urge to spend money on footwear. Seriously, at least about the first part.

By adding the hormone Oxytocin to nasal spray, the scientists found that men felt sadder when they were shown pictures of sad puppies and hurt babies, compared to another group of men who’d had a placebo sprayed up their noses. Empathy, obviously, is a womanish trait, and so the spray is being credited with making men more feminine. It has already been dubbed the "cuddle spray."

The group that was exposed to the placebo also felt like they were ‘breathing more freely’ and able to ‘enjoy the air.’  But that’s likely because they hadn’t had hormones nasally injected. Neither group responded favorably to Antonio Banderas acting like an oddly fey bumblebee.