Scanner Highs And Lows: Banned Videos

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The prudes were up in arms as usual, but we distracted them with comedy…


This Mail-Order Husbands site is a fun little diversion, but wouldn’t it be great if it was real? And, of course, the bachelors were of the more-attractive variety?

If clerics give you lemons misogynist hate, you make lemonade  haterade boobquakes.

So glad this jailbait porn star testified in a big Puerto Rican pornography trial so we had an excuse to run nudie pics of her.

Here’s one of those ideas that we all thought of years ago but never did anything about.

It’s not every day that your country suggests you dance, have more fun, and get laid more often. Of course, not everyone can live in Brazil.

And the new Jessica Alba movie looks promising, mainly because it freaked the beejesus out of some possible sexual prudes.


It’s not helping the cause for religious and sexual freedom if we offend the Catholic Church by suggesting they put out a line of condoms.

Singer M.I.A. put out a shocking new music video this week. That isn’t the "low" — "low" would be YouTube pulling it before anyone got a chance to check it out.

Readers were very disappointed that France’s World Cup chances were ruined by a hooker who "looks like a boy with a boob job."

Gandhi, it turns out, was just like everyone else after all.

Seems like Bill O’Reilly is writing gay erotic fan fiction fundraising letters now… or something.

And during the same week that Facebook came under fire from Congress over privacy concerns, a group on the social networking site hoping for Obama’s death reached 1 million members.