This Week In Sex: Naked In The Bathroom

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Watch out, all you cheaters: people know about the Cheater Registry now and they’re using it in startling numbers.

How long before this story of a grandmother having a baby with her grandson is proven to be the work of a Photoshop prankster?

Does anyone out there watch The Tudors? (If so, how can you stand that guy’s acting?) Here are two (sex scenes) reasons to check it out.

Why is it so many women under 30 have stopped having sex? No single men? Birth control problems? Health issues?

These "pervy" vodka ads don’t like the least bit "pervy" to me.

Lindsay Lohan defended the photo shoot she did as a gun-toting, blood-covered Lindsay Lohan type as being "art."

Thanks to TimeOut for another random naked person in their magazine for no reason — see below for the shot of a woman, nude in the men’s room, with her husband playing the bathroom attendant.

And Playboy Playmate Jenna Bentley wandered around a photo shoot with her boob hanging out, giving the magazine it’s first decent piece of publicity all year…