Today in Cuteness: Little Boy Gets To Be A Superhero For the Day

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Here’s one for all you jaded bloggers with snarky hearts of stone: the city of Seattle granted the wish of a thirteen year-old with cancer by turning him into a supehero.
Here’s what happened –  two nefarious supervillains were holding the Seattle Sounders, a professional soccer team, hostage – and only Erik’s alter-ego, Electron Boy, could save them. He was taken to the stadium in a donated DeLorean. Once there, the Seattle Sounders, a real, professional soccer team, played along, locked in their locker room and shouting for Electron Boy’s help. And he freed them.
But they weren’t safe. As the players thanked the boy and posed for pictures, the evil Dr. Dark and his sidekick, Blackout Boy, appeared on the jumbotron. They had captured a worker at the local utility company and were holding him hostage. The whole entourage travelled to the electric company in the full motorcade. There, 250 employees of the company cheered Electron Boy as he freed the worker.
But Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy had escaped and were at the Space Needle and had trapped tourists on the observation deck. Electron Boy leapt at Dr. Dark and froze the villain, then hit the button, resuming elevator service and freeing the tourists. A police officer cuffed the villains and carted them away, as a councilwoman presenting the boy with a key to the city and news cameras filmed him as he was informed that today would officially be "Electron Boy Day." 
Wow. Best day ever?