Images Of The Day: Maine Topless Protest March

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Andrea Simoneau is a pleaseant young Maine girl who works as a cook for ARAMARK and attends classes as a senior at the University of Maine at Farmington. Like most people in her state, Simoneau knows that it’s legal for women to walk around topless… but that didn’t stop her from organizing a topless protest the other day.


Under the afternoon sun Friday, they came pouring onto Main Street, a wave of people accompanied by a clown and a unicyclist, flags, signs, video cameras and bumper-to-bumper traffic — with dozens of topless women and men leading the way.

Hundreds of people lined the sidewalks and streets of this college town while clusters of protesters held signs in opposition to the march.

In the crowd was 104-year-old Marion Wing of Phillips, who looked on in amazement. "I’ve never seen anything in my entire life like this, and I hope never to again," Wing said. [Press Herald]

That obviously-hilarious quote from a 104-year-old isn’t the only wince-inducing one from the Press Herald story. They also found an inordinate number of people who were upset by the simple display of skin, which is completely covered by state law.

"Pornography doesn’t belong on the streets," "I want to send a message that public nudity degrades girls," and "This doesn’t promote women’s cause [sic] — it’s just for fun. What does this prove?" — those are just three of the comments from people who have no idea how bad Puritanism has them brainwashed…